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The Cleveland Show Hits San Diego Comic Con. Hard.
"Imagine a hundred thousand unwashed comic books fans in costume shoehorned into a musty convention centre that smells like ass and corn chips all waitig in line to see in three minutes of something the rest of the world will have to wait two weeks to see" Here's a combination shot from last night's The Cleveland[...]
Avengers Assemble In Cleveland
The Avengers will be filming in Cleveland, Ohio. Governor John Kasich told the crowd gathered for the mayor's state of the city the good news And locations are already being scouted. Wayne Hill  of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission has been quoted calling this "the largest film ever shot in Ohio." Yeah, yeah, Cleveland, right now you're celebrating[...]
Avengers Movie Only Has A $40 Million Budget?
That was $140 million, more like $200 million in today's money. Well, the Plain Dealer reports that the Ohio governor is trying to attract a Marvel/Disney movie with a budget of $40 million to film in Cleveland, previously scheduled for Detroit. Which is The Avengers. But $40 million? Okay that may just be the amount spent filming in location[...]
First Shot Of Lois Lane…
From Cleveland, Ohio, the town in which students Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman, certain streets have been renamed to celebrate this. Now an arrangement has been reached to use the Superman logo on the street names. So here , thanks to the Siegel and Shuster Society, is the first shot of the intersection of Jerry[...]
How To Get Out Of Jury Service – Create A Comic
That of going to school with him And last week, this was a pertinent point during a court case in Cleveland A member of the jury, Derf was asked if he knew any convicted criminals And he reportedly replied  "I had a close friend in high school who killed seventeen people." That was enough to get him[...]