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Cammy's Covers – Fatale To Wonder Woman
The blood spatter up top only makes the cover that much more thrilling. Wonder Woman #20 by Cliff Chiang This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down The sleek grayscale look of Wonder Woman and her logo is so cold feeling, that the swarm of red-hot hands make for an intense scene The god baby[...]
Cammy's Covers – From Amazing Spider-Man to Mara
Initially I thought this was a variant by Cliff Chiang because of the softness of the lines and colors, but sure enough it's the combined talents of Tucci and Hi-Fi that brings the epicness of this cover to life The situation  appears to be dire, for if Aquaman can't even control the water, then what[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: The Wonder Woman Surprise
But don't make my mistake, go read Wonder Woman #12 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang first, and then hit the forum (spoilers!) to talk about what it might mean. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The End Of Wonder Woman #12 That You Really Might Not Have Expected (SPOILERS) Herein lie spoilers, spoilers of the highest variety. Avengers #29 Vs[...]
Comic Book Creator Threadless Shirts For $10 A Pop
Reduce shipping if you order a bunch of them as well… so who do we have? Becky Cloonan Jill Thompson Tony Moore Ethan Nicholle JR Goldberg Cliff Chiang Eduardo Risso Art Baltazar Lee Bermejo Dave Johnson Jhonen Vasquez Take one world renowned T-shirt company Take a bunch of comic book creators Take their T-shirt designs for the company from a while back[...]