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From The Team Behind The Image Revolution – She Makes Comics Hits Kickstarter
For the first time on film, female creators, fans, retailers, and scholars will tell their stories in a celebration of creative passion and barrier-breaking storytelling. This project will be directed/produced by Marissa Stotter and co-produced by Karen Green, comics and graphic novels librarian at Columbia University, who has been instrumental in securing comics collections and manuscripts[...]
Can We All Help Clydene Nee, The Face Of Artists Alley At San Diego Comic Con (UPDATE)
Why not join me? UPDATE: Over $4000 now, including contributions from John Layman, Colleen Doran, Kaare Andrews,  Art Thibert, Jackie Estrada, Rob Liefeld, Fletcher Chu-Fong, Barbara Kesel and many more.   Clydene Nee is a regular volunteer staffer at San Diego Comic Con She works at Artists Alley, hell, she  runs Artists Alley, and has been principle[...]
Comics Pyrotechnics – Alex de Campi's Smoke and Ashes Are Together At Last
But that was the beginning of the rollercoaster ride, as the production of the new 250 page series moved from a split between de Campi and the original artist to a rallying band of supporting artists including RM Guerra, Colleen Doran, Igor Kordey, Dan McDaid, Richard Pace, Tomer Hanuka, Bill Sienkiewicz, and others The media[...]
Do You Have Any Colleen Doran Distant Soil Artwork?
Colleen Doran is doing the same for A Distant Soil. I am in very great need of art from A Distant Soil for our digital archive I require good quality scans of the art for the future editions of the print books, as well as the upcoming digital editions. … I have roughly 80% scanned from the originals[...]
"Neil Gaiman Gloating Over Stealing From Todd McFarlane"
Dan Slott, Jimmy Palmiotti and Colleen Doran have been knocking back and forth the pros and cons of creator owned comics versus work for hire, sharing their own experiences and, for example, how Sandman pays Colleen's heathcare bills It was all rather civil. But then Erik Larsen joined in And it all got a little… rambunctious. Jimmy[...]
Saturday Runaround – Jim Lee Teaches You How To Fold
The fools. On Digital Comics I don't understand or agree with this pricing policy in so many ways that it's difficult to wrap my head around how I'm even going to cover it all in this post. Jewish activists call circumcision ban superhero anti-Semitic – A ballot measure to ban circumcision in San Francisco has taken a strange[...]
Monday Runaround – Stolen Comics And The Mounties
StolenComicsWatch: Colleen Doran reports on a customer's experience; SO I called a friend of mine who's a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told him what was going on & got him to call the store he told the owner that because the book was stolen, the boy had no right to use it any[...]