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G.I. Joe #6 Review -- "Fitting For The Zeitgeist"

G.I. Joe #6 Review: The Slow Burn Could Get There Someday But Not Yet

The "clandestine mission" nature of the team is on full display in G.I. Joe #6 as a top-secret smuggling job takes a number of unexpected twists that are a gold mine of character development. With the world under the command of Cobra — which has gone from "oddball persistent threat" to "multinational technology and defense […]

Avengers #33 Review -- "The Fist Of Khonshu"

Avengers #33 Review: The Fist Of Khonshu Leaves Us Skeptical

Have you ever been watching one of those legal shows, and the unlikely, possibly disheveled defense attorney starts their closing argument, and it's wildly implausible, but somehow it starts working? The individual elements of their case might be anywhere between odd all the way to wildly stupid, but the attorney's charm and the meaningful pauses […]

Batman: Gotham Nights #6 Review -- "Joker's Most Diabolical Scheme"

Batman: Gotham Nights #6 Review: The Joker's Most Diabolical Scheme

In another stunning triumph, this issue brings a surprising but wholly factual indictment of the Dark Knight Detective's defects in an unusually effective way. Shortly after the Batman's first year concludes, the criminal justice system is so overloaded with suspects that the government claims they need more prisons to keep up. Well, of course, that […]

Suicide Squad #5 Review -- "Real Steel In Its Spine"

Suicide Squad #5 Review: It Has Real Steel In Its Spine

With forceful characterization, dazzling visual choices, and real steel in its spine, there is a lot to like about the newly revitalized team's efforts here. Uneasy allies as some of the "traditional" Squad try to play nice with the vastly more powerful extrahumans who have a mission to fix what Task Force X breaks; there's […]

Ludocrats #1 Review -- "The Craziest Damned Thing To Happen This Year"

Ludocrats #1 Review: The Craziest Damned Thing To Happen This Year

In a year that has brought us murder hornets, killed a rock legend and a heroic retired wrestler, seen humans ingesting bleach and sent Comic-Con online, rest assured of one thing with absolute certainty: Ludocrats #1 is the craziest damned thing to happen this year. Where to begin? Well, this is less a script from […]

Disaster Inc. #1 Review -- "Places Humans Are Not Meant To Be"

Disaster Inc. #1 Review: Places Humans Are Not Meant To Be

The premise here is very strong. Paolo Alighieri is the founder and president of a company that offers a premier service for a drastic markup: "adventure tourism" into places humans are not meant to be. That's different from "places you're not allowed to go," like military bases because these places could kill you. The first […]

Hawkeye: Freefall #5 Review -- "How Far Is Too Far?"

Hawkeye: Freefall #5 Review: How Far Is Too Far?

When the mayor is the not-so-reformed former Kingpin of Crime and a supernaturally-empowered crime lord called The Hood goes too far, for some reason, the hearing impaired archer Clint Barton decides he has to fix things, on his own. On the way, he says he will "bribe, bother, borrow, burn, bully and beat" his way […]

Gold Digger #273 Review -- "Big Ideas Tossed Around"

Gold Digger #273 Review: Big Ideas Are Tossed Around

This issue of Gold Digger does not lack either ambition nor big ideas as it posits its lead as a multiversal mix of many of the classic "chosen one" motifs with a seductively friendly adversary willing to do anything to achieve goals. On the good side, as noted, there are some very big ideas tossed around here […]

DCeased Unkillables #3 Review -- "Bloody, Messy Stuff (In A Good Way)"

DCeased Unkillables #3 Review: Bloody, Messy Stuff But In A Good Way

A truly motley assemblage of maniacs and survivors are watching their lines be breached as they try to protect an orphanage full of children from an endless deluge of undead zombies created by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation. When the building becomes impossible to hold, there's one last-ditch road trip on the table, looking for the last […]

Year Zero #1 Review -- "Very Skillfully Done"

Year Zero #1 Review: This One is Very Skillfully Done

What if The Walking Dead was global in scope, and had its origins in the hubris of some of our greatest minds? Well, this thought exercise walks down that path with a taste of the Watchmen approach (yet little of its resonance). Basically, a few people who thought they were smart did some dazzlingly stupid […]

Batman: Gotham Nights #4

Batman: Gotham Nights #4 Review: A Fascinating Bit Of Comeuppance

One of the biggest modern criticisms of Batman is that he's an entitled rich white guy in fetish gear who beats up poor people in alleys. What if he used his greatest super power — money — to access criminals on a whole other scale? The billionaire class of Gotham may not wear ridiculous costumes […]

Youth #1

Youth #1 Review: The Ennui of this Issue is Palpable

There is a sense of disconnectedness that has permeated the character of youth culture long before Slackers, maybe even as far back as Rebel Without A Cause. Stuck in some lame podunk town, seeing the same people, hearing the same "get it together" shtick from authority figures or the same backwoods superiority. These myths perpetrated […]

Justice League #44

Justice League #44 Review: This Doesn't Check Out

This issue is a conundrum in that it shows the Justice League execute a display of power and teamwork that is presented very gorgeously. With sumptuous visuals presented by Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Tom Napolitano, the Javelin is a triumph of lines and sleekness while the dynamic action scenes are worth seeing.     […]

Avengers of the Wastelands #4

Avengers of the Wastelands #4 Review: A Very Common Motif

In a dystopian future, the villains banded together under Doctor Doom and, for once and for all, won. Taking over the world, they split up the United States into territories and sniped at each other's heels. Now a group of would-be Avengers — the super-powered daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, the son of […]

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1

Doctor Aphra #1 Review: There Are So Many People

Chelli Aphra, Ph.D., is, at best, a scoundrel. A rogue archaeologist who has betrayed everyone who ever loved her, she's also running from a death mark personally authorized by Darth Vader himself. Lucky for her, like Ashoka Tano, Vader never seems to get it together enough to make sure she's dead. Unfortunately, she's surrounded by […]

Batman: Gotham Nights #2

Batman: Gotham Nights #2 Review: It Chugs Along In Second Gear

When your case involves actors and mistaken identity, it doesn't take being the world's greatest detective (or even reading the solicitations copy) to figure out what's the nature of the problem and how it should likely be handled. That's not to say that there aren't fun surprises along the road — literally, as Batman reveals […]

Swamp Thing: New Roots #1

Swamp Thing: New Roots #1 Review: A Dig At Frankenscience

Without leaning as heavily on humor, this issue follows in the tracks of Wonder Twins to prove that Mark Russell is one of the smartest, subversive writers working in mainstream comics today. With an apparent crystal dig at real-world Frankenscience, Swamp Thing takes a clear stand against GMOs created by a company called Sunderland Foods. […]

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #2

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #2 Review: This Makes It Look Easy

With another perfect balance between the nostalgic flavor of the silver age and modern sensibilities, this Robert Venditti script again finds that sweet spot of Kryptonian excellence. It scales it way down in terms of antagonists, this adventure is down to earth compared to the last issue but doesn't lose a step, hitting every note […]

Adventure Finders #3

Adventure Finders #3 Review: The Infrastructure Of A Champion

After the stunning showing of every possible area of excellence last time, this issue is a slight drop in quality as the main event here is bloodshed and combat. The party here has to escape a set of mines with a massive crowd of innocents in tow, desperate not to have to cross an angry […]

Superman: Man of Tomorrow

Superman: Man of Tomorrow Review: Lifts Us Up, Not Looking Down

What would it take to make a perfect Superman story? Well, clearly you'd need amazing feats of strength and power. Without that, Superman is just a good attitude in a suit, business or spandex. Likewise, you'll need to use the iconic supporting cast well: sometimes hard to reconcile against the first requirement given their overall […]