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Newburn #7 Review: Gangland Murder
A mysterious gangland murder brings out the worst in many people in power, and Newburn #7 is here to throw the plot twists at you fast and furious. When a
Iron Man #19 Review: Lackluster
Have you ever imagined that the largest, most insurmountable problems in your life would be just kind of sort themselves out while you lay down for a
Quests Aside #1 Review: Great Job
With a healthy balance of humor and character development, Quests Aside #1 does a great job of showing the contrast between the realities of capitalism
Batman 89 #5 Review: Wonderful
With a terrifying fidelity to the Tim Burton cinematic vision, this issue elevates the Two-Face we all really deserved to epic heights in Batman ’89 #5.
Slumber #1 Review: Clever Combination
You might think you see shades of Nightmask or Dream Thief or Sleepwalker in Slumber #1, a debut issue that mixes a murder mystery with an otherworldly
Green Lantern #11 Review: Out Of Hand
One of the great things about rollercoaster design is the false sense of things being essentially settled when more madness appears apropos of nothing,
Nightwing #89 Review: Solid
By framing the story in relatable, genuine character moments, Nightwing #89 does a rock-solid job of creating room for a friendship between Dick Grayson
Green Lantern #10 Review: A Big Swing
In a kind of "Days of Future John" approach, Green Lantern #10 has the quest leader Lantern choose his final form and sees what kind of trouble is going
Eternals #9 Review: Messed Up
Following similar thematic directions as the very enjoyable film, Eternals #9 faces people who struggle against the role they've been given as everything