Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, Appears Wherever a Spider Can (Like June's Amazing Spider-Man Annual)

Continuing to push its highly successful "capitalize on the popularity of Into the Spider-Verse" initiative, Marvel has announced that Spider-Ham will star in this Summer's Amazing Spider-Man Annual. Marvel announced the news at ComicsPRO, but not before providing high-res artwork to their media partners at eponymous comic book website Jason Latour will write the book, […]

Dan DiDio Tells Retailers That DC is Cutting Back Their Comics (UPDATE)

Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, has taken to the stump at ComicsPRO, the comics retailer advocacy group meeting being held in Charlotte, North Carolina for the next few days. Not everyone made it in, due to cancelled flights, bad weather and the like. But they all turned out to hear what DiDio had to […]

ComicsPRO Attendance Hit By Snow

Yesterday, Diamond Comic Distributors had to close due to weather issues, as a winter storm warning was in effect for parts of Maryland as a storm that moved across the state brought snow, sleet and rain. As a result, a number of Diamond representatives who would have been attending ComicsPRO, the comics retailer advocacy event […]

Big Announcements From DC Comics Coming This Week

Three data points. Feel free to join the dots. Point one. Today at DC Comics' Burbank Studios, there is a mandatory editorial meeting for all staff, in which DC Comics executives will explain upcoming changes to the company – and those working there. Bleeding Cool has previously reported on two rounds of people being laid off, […]

The Exclusive Variant Covers of ComicsPRO 2019

Retailers attending next week's ComicsPro in Charlotte, North Carolina will be getting a bevvy of rare variant covers and the like (in this case, the like being a funeral kit for Tony Harada for Valiant. Keep it light, guys.) ComicsPRO Variants usually have a print run from 200 to 500 units, and end up going for […]

Valiant to Self-Promote at Toyo Harada's ComicsPRO Funeral

In a shocking and ghoulish move, Valiant Entertainment has announced plans to hand out merchandise promoting their upcoming comic books at a funeral for businessman Toyo Harada to take place at the ComicsPRO gathering the weekend of February 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harada's wake will take place from 7:30 to 8:30 PM on Friday, […]

Bob Wayne, Keynote Speaker at ComicsPRO in Charlotte, North Carolina

Bob Wayne has the reputation of being a fine upstanding southern gentleman of the old school. Former SVP of DC Comics and current roving representative of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is to be the Keynote speaker at ComicsPRO Comic Industry Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, next month. Running from February 21st to the 23rd, Peter Dolan, […]