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The Great Flash Conspiracy Of 2024?
Mark Bristow writes for Bleeding Cool, Dr. Harrison Wells is Barry Allen, approximately 15 years older. The Flash has been swerving viewers into believing
The Great Cyclops Conspiracy Of 2014 – Part Two
Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran The Great Cyclops Conspiracy, a theory from two readers, based in part upon our own reporting about the nature of Axis Look, they even made a video. [youtube][/youtube] Later that day, Marvel revealed more information about Axis that seemed to prop up both aspects. And it has been pointed out that, as[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Guardians, Ends, And Sins!
X-Force #1 (of 4) DC Comics: New 52 Futures End #9 Marvel Comics: Original Sin #5 (of 8) Marvel Comics: Legendary Star-Lord #1 Image Comics: Hack Slash Son of Samhain #1 Marvel Comics: Rocket Raccoon #1 Image Comics: A Voice In The Dark Vol.1 TP IDW: X-Files Conspiracy HC Marvel Comics: Thanos Rising HC IDW: Maxx Maxximized Vol.1 HC Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review[...]
The Great Lego Conspiracy Of Comic Con
Nice job Lego team…last day? what a crock. Now we get back to where this initially started – the Lego Giveaway was RIGGED!!!! You must think I'm joking or just some conspiracy theorist, but after the facts are shown, it's very likely it was rigged Which is a shame, but it's probably true[...]
Christopher Irving Gets Caught In Gotham Conspiracies
One conspiracy theorist states that the shootings didn't actually happen, or certainly not in the way we believe and instead were manufactured by the media, using actors to play roles in news footage, and using film taken that was meant to be from training video. The evidence of this? That some people look like known actors[...]
A Very Gotham Conspiracy
There are conspiracy theories regarding the death of JFK There are conspiracy theories concerning the moon landings There are conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 attacks (one of which I believe – that a bunch of Saudis conspired to attack the US using its own passenger aircraft) And even though I pour scorn on many of[...]