creed II

Creed 2

Dolph Lundgren Is In Training For His Return As Ivan Drago In Creed II

There has been a surprising amount of news surrounding Creed II lately considering the radio silence that has been blanketing the production for several years now Sylvester Stallone has been posting a lot of teases on social media regarding the series and the latest one to come out was that Dolph Lundgren would be returning[...]

Creed 2

Sylvester Stallone Hints At A Possible Story For 'Creed II'

Despite saying that he was done with the series Sylvester Stallone still seems very invested in the production of Creed II There hasn't been much movement on the sequel which is said to have star Michael B Jordan attached but not director Ryan Coogler Jordan is a very busy guy as he just wrapped[...]