The Inhuman Crystal Returns&#8230 For Just One Panel

The Inhuman Crystal Returns… For Just One Panel

Well, one prominent Inhuman character has been missing for a while, Crystal Last we'd seen she was wed to Ronan The Accuser on the Kree Homeworld.. is this a call for her to return?The preview shows that she exists.. but I can confirm that this is her only appearance in the comic.Well, she may want[...]

Top Ten Couples In Comics &#8211 Grace Randolphs Stacktastic

Top Ten Couples In Comics – Grace Randolph's Stacktastic!

[youtube][/youtube]Supurbia #2, host Grace Randolph's original comic book from BOOM Studios, is hitting shelves this week! To get you in the mood, and because you demanded it, she gives you her Top Ten List of Comic Book Couples! Find out where Joker and Harley Quinn, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Cyclops and Emma Frost, Batman[...]

Our Love Is Real Gives Bleeding Cool Readers A Last Chance

Our Love Is Real Gives Bleeding Cool Readers A Last Chance

Entitled The Crystal Edition and limited to a hundred copies (the previous three prints had three hundred copies printed each, making a cool thousand), and signed and numbered by the creative team? So what's happening to them all.Independent of both Diamond and Image, Humphries will be giving fifty of the copies to retailers who order[...]