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"Granblue Fantasy Versus" Will Come To PS4 in North America
Developed by Cygames, this is a straight-up fighting game brought to you by the people who developed Granblue Fantasy The game will be available to check out at the XSEED Games booth at E3 this year, but before we get there, here's a little more info on it from the announcement and some screenshots! credit//XSEED Games In Granblue[...]
Lowain Officially Joins the Roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus
Cygames and Arc System Works dropped a character reveal this weekend in Japan as Lowain will be a part of the roster for Granblue Fantasy Versus This is the first new character introduced in a few months, which hopefully will be the start of having the rest of the roster revealed You can check out his[...]
Nintendo is Asking Mobile Developers to Drop Microtransactions
The publisher has gone so far as to ask its mobile game development studios to curb player spending. One of the sources for the WSJ article hails from Dragalia Lost developers Cygames' parent company CyberAgent Inc CyberAgent reportedly told The Wall Street Journal, "Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game[...]
Cygames Announces Granblue Fantasy Versus for PS4 in 2019
Cygames announced this week that they'll be making a new fighting game with some familiar faces as they present Granblue Fantasy Versus The game will be developed by Arc System Works and will feature characters from the mobile JRPG series The company couldn't have chosen better people to work with as Arc has had a hand[...]
There's been a little bit of buzz online since Nintendo announced they'd be forging a new partnership with Cygames, both from people excited to see what they produce and from others who are curious why this specific developer For those of you wondering, Nintendo actually posted a complete transcript of a Q&A session featuring Tatsumi Kimishima[...]
A Friendly Hello as we Check In With the People at Cygames
One of the shorter but friendlier visits we got to have at PAX East was when we checked out the booth for Cygames, who were basically there to show off all the titles they were bringing to the states from Japan and looking ahead to the future The primary game they were showing off but[...]
Granblue Fantasy Will Have a Persona 5 Event in June
Granblue Fantasy has been doing really well for Cygames, both online and for their mobile app The company is coming on on the game's 4th Anniversary and to help celebrate, they've managed to put together a collaboration with Atlus to bring Persona 5 into the mix During an exclusive livestream, the company revealed that there will[...]
You'd Be Surprised at How Cygames Is Testing Shadowverse Updates
But not for Cygames, who take to creating the updates on physical cards and playtesting them against each other in the office like the team at Wizards Of The Coast would for a game like Magic: The Gathering. Considering the game itself, it sounds pretty practical to do it like this since Shadowverse it basically a[...]