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The Dark Souls Series Has Sold Over 8 Million Copies
PC has been huge for the franchise too with 3.25 million copies being sold on the platform. Dark Souls 3 is on the way early next year too I do worry we are reaching peak Souls though and that we might see sales begin to wane fairly fast if we keep this rate up. From Software's[...]
Dark Souls 3 Has Been In Development Over Multiple Years
When Dark Souls 3 was announced for early next year, it raised some eyebrows With Bloodborne only out in March, how could From Software have the time to put together another full game in such a short time? It turns out that more than one team has been working on it, and besides game head Hidetaka[...]
Some Potential Dark Souls 3 Screenshots Surface Ahead Of E3 Announcements?
Right, so this is a web of uncertainty and believable sources, so bare with me. The Know are claiming that Dark Souls 3 is real in their latest episode, which was rumoured for an E3 appearance earlier this week, and followed up the claims with screenshots that look pretty convincing In the video they claim that[...]
Category: Video Games – Episode 4: We Are All Waluigi
This week we take on that Fallout 4 countdown that lead to the reveal of the game, the possibility of Dark Souls 3, Steam offering refunds before detouring nicely into a very philosophical debate about Waluigi and a game that lets you take dick pics. It was a weird week! Have a listen here: [audio:http://s39.podbean.com/pb/328019e2e4277c85205cc0dcdf5c6d28/556f6166/data1/blogs60/682909/uploads/Episode42-WeAreAllWalluigi-CVG.mp3] You can subscribe to[...]
Rumour: Dark Souls 3 To Be Announced At E3
It's a few weeks before E3 now, which means rumours/predictions about what might be shown at the Expo are hitting hard and fast. This on is certainly interesting though. VG247 are claiming that one of their sources is telling them that Dark Souls 3 will be announced at E3 What's more is that after sitting the last[...]