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PlayStation Shows Off New Footage of H1Z1 on Their Console
But Daybreak Games isn't planning on just going off into the sunset, as the company is working toward releasing the game on the PlayStation 4 To get some hype going for the game before it's released for the console on May 22nd, the PlayStation YouTube channel has released a nearly 25-minute trailer for the game,[...]
Daybreak Games Backpedals from Allegations of Russian Ownership
According to Ars Technica's report:  A source inside Daybreak Games (who asked not to be named directly) responded to Ars' request for comment to clarify once again that Daybreak was actually purchased in 2015 by Jason Epstein through his wholly-owned LLC, Inception Acquisitions Epstein was an ownership partner of Columbus Nova at the time, leading his[...]
Looking Over The Next Few Updates Coming To 'H1Z1' At PAX West
While a lot of the focus in the battle royale genre has been on another title, a lot of eyes have been on H1Z1 to see how Daybreak Games would respond to all the new stuff that's now in a marketplace that they had previously cornered for a while I got a chance to visit[...]