Fables #150 Will Be Fables Volume 22 – And The Sandman Gallery Begins

The final issue of the Fables series by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham will be big. really big. How big? It will be an entire series in and of itself. Because, announced at the DC Comics retailer meetings yesterday in Burbank, Fables #150 will also be Fables Volume 22 of the trade paperback collection line. […]

The Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Retailer Exclusive Given Away Yesterday

At yesterday's retailers meeting in Burbank, DC Comics had a special giveaway for attending comic shop owners and employees. A rare retailer exclusive edition of the next week's Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special. How long before those hit eBay? Not long. Brave New World have theirs up for $150. Well, it will have helped with […]

Bryan Hitch Has Been Working On Justice League Of America For 2 Years

Back in 2012, we ran the rumours, sourced from Rob Liefeld, that Bryan Hitch was working in a Batman/Superman project, possibly with Brad Meltzer. It never happened, and the rumour was dismissed as "outdated" but something was clearly happening. Since then, Hitch has worked on the late series America's Got Powers and Real Heroes. Which […]

Half Of The June DC Mini-Relaunch Titles Will Still Be $2.99

There has been some concern regarding the eventual creep of the $3.99 comic book, with Marvel currently only having one remaining $2.99 Marvel Universe title. With all the Convergence titles moving to $3.99 for April and May, it was assumed by some that this would be it, the death knell for the DCU $2.99 book, […]

ComicsPRO's Annual Meeting Moves To Portland For 2015

ComicsPRO, the comic book retailer trade organisation are having their annual drink up meeting in Portland, Oregon, next year from February 19th to the 21st, Handy for Dark Horse and Oni, and for the sizeable comic book creative community in the city. Held at the Portland Hilton and Executive Tower, bricks'n'mortar retailers will arrive for a weekend […]