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And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
But, with Convergence giving us a blast from the past, here's a look at what once was… and the people who made it. Created by Jim Mooney, Jim Aparo, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Denys Cowan, P Craig Russell, Mart Nodell, Joe Staton, Dave Stevens, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Keith Giffen, Bret Blevins, Al Williamson, Michael[...]
I Am Static – Michael Davis, From The Edge
He writes, Twenty-one years ago, five friends, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Dwayne McDuffie, Christopher Priest, and I partner to form Milestone Media The Dakota Universe was born soon afterwards There was one goal above all: to create a universe of good stories, well told, featuring characters of color. We did, and when we did, comics changed. Milestone was[...]
Truth Or Consequences – Michael Davis, From The Edge
According to the film (now seen by how many thousands?), Static was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert Washington, and John Paul Leon. I have nothing but LOVE for what the filmmakers attempted to do, but those credits are just wrong. Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Denys Cowan, Christopher Priest, & myself, created Static. John Paul & Robert Washington more[...]
Confessions Of A Self Important Ass – Michael Davis, From The Edge
I sleep pretty damn well at night. To that end, someone (again, I'm paraphrasing) posted that if I came off as a self-important asshole it's no wonder UPS has not given finding the artwork of Denys Cowan any thought. Whoever said that, is right. I did indeed come off as a self-important asshole and even said: 'You have[...]
Be On The Lookout For "Missing" Denys Cowan Original Art Pages
  This is some of the missing artwork by Denys Cowan that was heading to the Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture & Beyond exhibition at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore by UPS. Only one page made it through The rest, either stolen or lost You can guess which Milestone's Michael Davis thinks it is. Here's[...]
That's What Brown Can Do For Me – Michael Davis, From The Edge
It's important enough to run on Bleeding Cool and I'd really appreciate it if the Bleeding Cool Family would tweet, Facebook and chat room the hell out of this. My sincere thanks to those that do. Brown Can Act Like They Give A Shit. That's what Brown can do for me. What can brown do for you?" Was the[...]