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Black Canary
But the golden age Black Canary was Dinah Drake, who is Harkavy's character Which one Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) ends up with, if any, may be a long time off. Arrow returns for Season 6 October 12th on the CW. The Black Canary shell game continues on Arrow The new season will feature the second Black[...]
Black Canary
After killing off the character of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) in season four of Arrow, the writer's found a clever way to bring in a new version, tapping into the Golden Age Black Canary's name of Dinah Drake and making her a meta with the scream powers Juliana Harkavy played the former undercover cop turned[...]
Oliver Queen Has A Little Birdhouse In His Soul
And she reveals that her real name is actually Dinah Drake… Bolland was her undercover name and it seems like she needs to be Black Canary. The Flashbacks end with Talia trying to convince Oliver he can go back and do what his father wanted him to But he needs to take the monster he has[...]