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The Heavy Cost Of Returnability?
The direct market of comic stores was set up on the non-returnability model Rather than getting all manner of comics in a haphazard unreliable fashion from newsstand distribution, retailers could order exactly what they wanted of exactly which comics they wanted And were then stuck with them, for a higher discount than the returnability option[...]
My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #5 – The Value Of Everything
The main reason for this growth was the advent of something called the Direct Market – quite possibly one of the least sexy things about a very unsexy industry. Since their creation comicbooks have been traditionally sold on the US newsstands and on a strictly sale or return basis (SOR) Comics[...]
Bonfire – A New Ad Agency For The Comics Ethnic Demographic
But what if a company was able to buy ad space in a hundred different comics, with a combined readership that dwarfed Marvel or DC's? That's Bonfire's aim, to utilise page space currently used for house ads, or not even present at all yet, in a host of publishers books, for advertising. I think that's genius. Then[...]