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Disney Infinty 3.0 Is Confirmed To Launch With Star Wars Characters
We've all been predicting Star Wars would turn up in Disney Infinity 3.0 for as long as The Force Awakens has been a thing Last week, we even got some evidence that this would be the case in the form of a leaked starter pack. Well, we can stop playing cat and mouse now though GameInformer[...]
Report: Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack Includes Star Wars Characters
The vastly held expectation surrounding Disney Infinity 3.0 has been that this year the game would feature Star Wars characters to go along the release of the movies. It seems those expectations may have been right A report by Disney Kingdom, which has now been taken down, showed the box for the upcoming edition of the[...]
Both Disney Infinity And Skylanders Think They Sold The Most Toys
Amiibos, Skylanders and Disney Infinity are all fighting for similar audiences and trying to pry money away from parents' (or collectors') wallets. Well, this fight looked over earlier this week as Disney announced that via NPD numbers, Infinity had increased market share in the genre from 43% percent to 47% and that it outsold its nearest competitor[...]
Action Figure Showdown: Which Video Game Toy Series Is Right For You?
Surprisingly the only thing it isn't available on is PC. What Comes With It? The starter pack contains the game, two figures, a portal and two trap crystals. But I Already Have an Old Skylanders Game? Sorry but Activision wanted everyone to buy a new starter set with a fancy portal that integrates the traps and talks to you. Can I[...]