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Lobo Movie Plot Revealed – But Do They Need A New Director?

He's not listed on the Grid page, however, so there's a good chance the project is without a director again.Still listed are "previous" writer Don Payne, producers Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman, and likely star The Rock.I hope somebody archives a nice VHS copy of this Lobo film so that when we eventually invent time travel[...]

Thor 2 To Get Rewrites From Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat

I think we call that a "mixed bag."Next out of the lucky dip is a rewrite assignment on Thor 2, reworking a draft from Don Payne.Deadline's story has an oh-so-precise projection for when the film will start shooting: later this year. Thank heavens we have Tom Hiddleston out there to clear things up He told Empire that[...]

Don Payne Gets Writer's Role On Thor 2

The freshly announced Thor 2 is to be written - or at least co-written - by ex-Simpsons scriptwriter Don Payne.He's got some experience with superhero fare, having perpetrated My Super Ex-Girlfriend and an early draft of Rise of the Silver Surfer Similarly, the chap I was speaking to earlier today who had, once upon a[...]