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Doug Liman "Didn't Connect" With 'Gambit' So He Left
Diretor Doug Liman is one of the several directors that has left the troubled Fox production and while talking to Collider about his new movie The Wall was asked about why he decided to leave Gambit "I never formed a connection Many of these movies, I don't have the connection on day one, but I[...]
Report: Doug Liman "Wasn't Feeling" Channing Tatum's Gambit
In a revelation that we're doing our best to understand, director Doug Liman revealed why he walked away from directing Channing Tatum's Gambit movie last year With Liman set to direct Justice League Dark for DC, you might think that Liman jumping ship was a shifting of superhero cinematic universe loyalties, but, in fact, it[...]
'Justice League Dark' Will Be "Intimate" And "Character Focused"
Justice League Dark was in production with monster genius Guillermo del Toro for years but back in August of 2016 Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman There hasn't been much information about the project since then, including a definitive roster, but Cinema Blend sat down with Liman about his new movie The Wall and asked[...]
Doug Liman To Direct Children's Book Adaptation Railhead
Philip Reeve is the author who wrote the bestselling Mortal Engines YA novel series, a collection of books I've heard many people say has the potential to be one of those "next Hunger Games" type of franchises, but instead of that moving forward, Warner Bros (who hold the screen rights) have attached Doug Liman to[...]
New Trailer For Edge Of Tomorrow Starring Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise keeps dying, on the same battlefield, over and over again (and does he actually get any sleep between waking up?) in the newest trailer for the generically titled but pretty cool looking Edge of Tomorrow. Those suits look pretty bulky and implausible, and I'm not sure I'll buy Cruise as such an inexperienced soldier[...]
Doug Liman To Direct Tom Hardy In Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell, based on the Ubisoft game, has had Tom Hardy attached to the lead role for over a year, but now it's got itself a director as well, a potential August start date and even a targeted 2015 release. THR reports Doug Liman will step behind the camera on this project, having most recently come[...]
Tom Cruise Wants To Reunite With Jack Nicholson For El Presidente
A threat is made on his life, and the two must go on the run together. This certainly sounds like a role that Jack can have a lot of fun with and charm the hell out of, but I imagine – like all offers he gets these days – the film needs him more than he[...]