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FX Genius Douglas Trumbull Has Finished His New, Cutting Edge Sci-Fi Film

We've been waiting for pioneering FX man and fantastic director Douglas Trumbull to announce more about his ambitious, cutting edge sci-fi projects, ever since our man Craig Skinner talked to him about them in 2011.What I wasn't expecting to learn is that he's already finished one and is hoping to screen it in August.UFOTOG, which is[...]

Douglas Trumbull Talks About His Next Space Adventure

Douglas Trumbull's wonderful directorial debut Silent Running is released on Blu-ray today, its first time in this format The release is limited edition so don't hang around if you want to pick one up You should, it's great.You can read all about this new release in Masters of Cinema Monthly, and also enter a competition to win[...]

The Future Is Coming: FX Guru Douglas Trumbull To Direct High-FPS, 3D Film

Appearing at NAB's Vegas meetup this weekend, 2001 and Blade Runner FX guru Douglas Trumbull signaled his intention to return to directing feature films after a break of 28 years Variety have some quotes from the man, but here's a round of key bullet points:He's almost completed a pair of screenplays. He's going to shoot live[...]

James Cameron's Big Idea For Avatar 2 And 3 Is Genuinely Exciting

It is a bit tech-nerdy, but if you don't care to understand, just take away that I personally think Cameron's onto something real and wonderful here.Further reading for you: On Douglas Trumbull's Showscan. Wow This is a big deal to a geek like me James Cameron genuinely has a great idea for how he's going[...]

Trailer For Douglas Trumbull's Documentary On 2001: A Space Odyssey

Douglas Trumbull is some way into making his documentary, 2001: Beyond the Infinite He's co-directing with David Larson, who has spent almost a decade carrying out research Trumbull is pitching it as: A documentary that really tells the story of the making of 2001, not just the technical story but the human story, the personal story,[...]