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Michael Davis, From The Edge – The Middleman Revised
At least that's what Dwayne McDuffie said when he, Robert Washington, Malcolm Jones III and I sit down to create a comic book… So I ask again, here, today, during yet another bout with my depression, why not spare my friends the pain of a trial where the outcome will most likely be "not guilty" and[...]
Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers?
A chance to following in the steps of Dwayne McDuffie, the late and beloved writer of The Justice League in comics and animation; a chance to be a Christopher Priest, who wrote not only Falcon, Power Man and Iron Fist and Black Panther but also wrote Green Lantern. That's two I wish could give more examples[...]
Truth Or Consequences – Michael Davis, From The Edge
According to the film (now seen by how many thousands?), Static was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert Washington, and John Paul Leon. I have nothing but LOVE for what the filmmakers attempted to do, but those credits are just wrong. Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Denys Cowan, Christopher Priest, & myself, created Static. John Paul & Robert Washington more[...]
Dwayne McDuffie, Write-In Candidate For Writers Guild Awards
Members of the Writers Guild of America Animation Writers Caucus are being asked to write in the name of Dwayne McDuffie in the Lifetime Achievement section of the Writers Guild Awards. The creator of Static Shock, the revamper of Ben 10 into Ben 10 Alien Force, and writer and producer on cartoons such as All Star[...]
DC Relaunch: Static Shock #1
This looks like it could be Keron Grant's new cover to Static Shock #1. There was meant to be a new Static Shock series starting this Spring by Felicia
DC Comments On Static Shock Special
In this morning's Runaround, Bleeding Cool posted a tweet from Tommy Lee Edwards about turning down work on the just-soliocited Static Shock Special. DC is planning a Dwayne McDuffie "tribute" book, but has no plans to donate profits to the poor guy's surviving family or any charity… DC have now told Bleeding Cool; Before Dwayne McDuffie's tragic[...]
BC ComicChron
StaticWatch: Tommy Lee Edwards tweets; DC is planning a Dwayne McDuffie "tribute" book, but has no plans to donate profits to the poor guy's surviving family or any charity… He states that he was offered a job on the book but turned it down Edwards drew the Milestone book My Name Is Holocaust. HandbagWatch: Comic Book Resources (www.comicbookresources.com), the[...]
Dwayne McDuffie Tribute At Golden Apple Tonight
Dwayne McDuffie was intending to appear at the launch of the Reggiesworld.com website tonight from Reginald Hudlin at the Golden Apple comic store in LA, alongside McDuffie's creative partner Denys Cowan, Mike Benson, Adam Glass, Ziggy Marley, Rashida Jones and more. The event is still going ahead from 6pm PT, but at 8pm they will host[...]