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Injustice Gods Among Us Writer, Tom Taylor, To Write Earth 2
We reported that James Robinson had walked off the rather successful Earth 2 series, and included the rumour that it was over DC's plans to launch a second Earth 2 title not written by him. This morning DC Comics told MTV Geek that Tom Taylor, who has also seen insane success with Injustice Gods Among Us,[...]
One Possible Reason Why James Robinson Left Earth 2
@fotocub @dccomics Thanks, Matt.It's enthusiasm like yours that makes me sad I won't get to bring all my plans to fruition. — JamesDRobinson (@JamesDRobinson) May 29, 2013 James Robinson talking about Earth 2 there Since Robinson announced he was leaving the book, there has been some speculation, but mostly silence, about why he left. I heard over the[...]
Is James Robinson To Write Namor? (UPDATE – No)
James Robinson recently announced he was leaving Earth 2 at DC Comics, despite there being plans to expand Earth 2 into a second book. The other day, James Robinson tweeted and then deleted the following; It may have been something sent as a private message, tweeted publicly by mistake Which is something that rather reminds me of[...]
Looks Like Earth 2's Wonder Woman Left A Certain Something Behind… (SPOILERS)
From today's Earth 2 #8, published today, and yes, set spoilers to stun It looks like before her defeat and death at the hands of Darkseid, Wonder Woman may have left a certain somthing – or indeed someone, behind… … how long until the inevitable Mother Vs Dimensionally Displaced Daughter match? And it's always handy to have[...]
Amazon Glitch – Earth Two Hardcover For Under $9?
It's not all bad news at Amazon though. The DC New 52 hardcovers are usually around $25, often knocked down to around $16 on Amazon. But for some reason, the current listing for the Earth 2 hardcover is $14.99, reduced to $8.99 A ridiculously low price, it's clearly an error of some sorts And, if true, will[...]
Earth 2 #3 Cover
Based on Rich's post today, it sounds like Earth 2 #3 gives us an interesting take on the origin of Alan Scott as Green Lantern Extensively debated in the forum, it does make me want to go pick up the series so far to see precisely what's going on. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Illyana Is A Bit[...]
The Gaia Green Lantern Of Earth 2
Mild spoilers for Earth 2 #3 published today from DC Comics. Okay, so in this month's issue of Earth 2, Alan Scott gets hit with quite a lot of information First his new green buddy confirms that his about-to-be-fiancee was bullet trained, and did nothing about it Downer. Then we discover the Green Lantern energy, rather than[...]
A Comic Show – Batman's Eyes Are Windows To His Soul
Also, find out Batmom's maiden name! It's not Kane! Earth 2 #3 continues the world building and while Green is the new Gay, his name is still Alan and not Alac, right? Fighting the rot on Earth 52 is Buddy Baker in Animal Man #11 I love this book and it's cool to see Cliff get[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Alan Scott And Earth 2 #2
Official: It won't be news to any readers of Bleeding Cool who originally broke this story (a number of times), but today DC Comics let news organisations run the news that Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, was to be reinvented as a gay man for the Earth 2 series The issue in question ships[...]
Speculator's Corner: Dark Avengers #1 And Earth 2 #2
And right now Earth 2 #2 is on "backorder/out of stock" through Diamond Comic Distributors while one copy of the book has just sold on eBay for $6…. With the revelation that Iron Patriot is, in some form, to appear in Iron Man 3, there suddenly appears to be a rush on the character's first[...]
When Chris Roberson Got James Robinson's Copies Of Earth 2 #2
James Robinson is the writer of the Earth 2 comic book, part of DC's New 52 Second Wave Issue 1 featured a new Alan Scott, originally the first Green Lantern, who it is rumoured (and reported by Bleeding Cool) will be revealed as a gay man in issue 2. Chris Roberson is a writer who was[...]
Yes, America, It's Alan Scott
A few days ago, I ran semi-sourced stories indicating that the character who DC Comics announced as being reintroduced to the New 52 DC Universe as a gay man, was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who appeared in Earth 2 #1 briefly, Well, at Phoenix Comic Con, I had a much stronger source confirm to[...]
The Return Of Pandora To The DCU
Not in Earth 2 however, well, that is completely set in a different dimension I expect to see her in Ravagers #1 and Batman Inc #1 as well. And she will also have a starring role in the DC Free Comic Book Day comic out this Saturday Which should answer a lot of Questions… World's Finest: GI Combat: Dial[...]