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New Clip From Star Trek Beyond Shows The Enterprise May Be In Trouble
We've got a new clip from Star Trek Beyond as the Enterprise arrives at a Class M planet and there is an interesting looking alien on the bridge with them We learn from Mr Spock that the planet's life forms all seem to live underground, but then a ship appears and it seems like it's[...]
Rent A Space Ship From Enterprise
There's a new ad for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and they seem to be boldly going where no rent-a-car business has gone before The company has team up with Star Trek… like who else would the film pick… for a new advertising campaign and the commercial is awesome References to Vulcans, Romulans and Klingons and even a[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Vegas, The Final Frontier
Hmm, what an interesting name for an author… Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: The Time They Almost Built A Full-Sized, Permanent Replica Of The Starship Enterprise In Las Vegas Back in the early 90s, when downtown Las Vegas was playing a distant second fiddle to the strip, the city were looking for a new attraction to draw people in[...]