Review: Extermination #3 – Nox's Spank Bank

Louie Falcetti writes for Bleeding CoolSi Spurrier's Extermination is a strange, sordid sci-fi story that is either a mess of ideas or a calculated attempt to do everything at once Each issue so far builds on the one that came before it, but at the same time is able to make the events within different enough[...]

Extermination Is Watchmen Meets How I Met Your Mother

His first Boom! title is about to come out, Extermination with Jeffrey Edwards, and because we're friends, I was able to steal the first issue from his flash drive at a pub meet without him realising that it had gone.So, what's it like?This is a comic of two time zones Before the event and after[...]

BC Mag #0: Defining the BOOM! Generation

Are you a retailer who would like to be included? Contact us.Reply to this article in the forum.Further Reading: BOOM, ADVENTURE TIME, SUPURBIA, HYPERNATURALS, FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES, PEANUTS, IRREDEEMABLE, INCORRUPTIBLE, HELLRAISER, IRON MUSLIM, EXTERMINATION, GRACE RANDOLPH, MARK WAID, SAM HUMPHRIES, SIMON SPURRIER Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Rich Johnston From humble beginnings to winning “Best Publisher[...]

Preview: Extermination #1 By Si Spurrier And Jeffrey Edwards

Extermination is the new Boom! Studios comic from Si Spurrier and Jeffrey Edwards About superheroes creating a resistance movement against a successful alien invasion and decimation.Here's a first look about how it's going down.Extermination is the new Boom! Studios comic from Si Spurrier and Jeffrey Edwards About superheroes creating a resistance movement[...]

Si Spurrier's Extermination From Boom In June

Extermination, amongst the remaining superheroes after a successful alien invasion, trying to mount a strike back - if they can even work out what that would be Here's a little look at the covers to the first issue shipping in June.He's just launched a new Crossed webcomic, Wish You Were Here He's[...]

Something Called Ext— From Boom!

It appears, hot off the success of Supurbia, that Boom! are publishing something new from another creator. I understand they may have something to do with Bleeding Cool as well. But I know that it's not me. The filename of the image is Ext—.