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Avengers Vs X-Men To Be The Model For Future Marvel Events

And it seems that Marvel are keen to repeat the experience.At the Avengers Vs X-Men panel today at the Fan Expo in Toronto, Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso stated that "hopefully we'll be doing more things like this in the future" and that it's "a model for future events at this point."As for the crossovers, Axel stated[...]

Eliza Dushku Stakes Daily Mail Over Hayden Panettiere

The Daily Mail ran a piece the other day in which it criticised Hayden Panettiere for charging $30 a signature at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this past weekend, claiming that she must have fallen on hard times.Weird, since I featured her doing the same at Big Apple Comic Con right in the middle[...]

Fear Itself – Bullet Points From Fan Expo Canada

From the Fear Itself panel held at Fan Expo Canada last night, come the following bullet points;The Fearless mini-series will focus on Valkyrie and Sin and what happens to the hammers. Battle Scars will be a murder mystery that turns into a conspiracy. Matt Fraction says to count the foot steps in this image as it is[...]

Lemire, Robinson And Azzarello – DC Bullet Points From Fan Expo Canada

Jeff Lemire had a spotlight panel at Fan Expo Canada At which we learned;Sweet Tooth will probably end at around issue 50 His Atom back ups in Adventure Comics will tie in to his new Frankenstein series as Ray Palmer becomes a member of the S.H.A.D.E science team. Lemire sees S.H.A.D.E[...]

One Letter Stopped Ethan From Attending Fan Expo Canada

It couldn't be "Sciver", no, that means someone who tries to get out of things.Well, it seems he's gotten out of going to Fan Expo Canada, though not for want of trying The convention had paid for his plane ticket, everything was good to go.He posed on Facebook "Just came home from the airport[...]

Fan Expo Canada Report From Jeff McClinchey – And Cosplay Gallery!

Jeff McClinchey got busy with the clicky at the Fan Expo this weekend in Toronto He told Bleeding Cool; The show seemed bigger then ever They changed the layout of the show from the past few years but it still suffered from extreme bottle necks between floors One friend said he got stuck on the middle[...]