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Rise Of The Fangirl: Han Pan
She's an East Coast cosplayer of ten years whose favorite activities include bothering her cat, posting pictures of her cat on Facebook, and playing otome games. -What does fandom mean to you?: Fandom created a place in the universe where I could be myself – no holds barred, completely weird and nerdy and excitable and passionate about[...]
Geek-Culture Focused App 'Cosmunity' Has Launched On Mobile, Will Anyone Notice
The company had been not-so-quietly adding various cosplay and fandom individuals to their open beta test over the last several months to build out content and to collect feedback around the app's features. While it's titled cosmunity, co-founder and CEO, Cole Egger says that it's not just for people interested in cosplay The impetus behind development of[...]
Rise Of The Fangirl: Chloe Deguzman
On this week's edition of Rise of the Fangirl, we have Chloe Deguzman! Chloe has been into various fandoms for 30 years, starting with Voltron and Sailor Moon having come in not far behind She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. What does fandom mean to you? Fandom means finding something that you feel is worth being[...]
Rise Of The Fangirl: Chiki Cosplay
She's been cosplaying and attending conventions since 2001, and enjoys participating in Costume Craftsmanship competition when she's not judging! Her fandoms include Fallout, Disney, and HGTV Programming (Property Brothers, hello!) She enjoys napping to Netflix documentaries, she works as a professional photographer, she is the executive director of the FanDames Initiative and does costumed charity[...]
Rise Of The Fangirl: Eri Kagami
The landscape of fandom is becoming more a diverse, beautiful place For me personally, watching the comic fandom grow to be more inclusive has been uplifting and inspiring In this ongoing series I'll be interviewing women from all parts of nerd culture I'll ask them about their fandoms, trials they may have faced, and how[...]
Late To The 'Star Wars' Party: Gatekeeping In Nerd Culture
Star Wars was a fandom I respected but didn't actively participate in It wasn't my thing until a year ago when The Force Awakens brought me on board I was late to the Star Wars party and, to some, this makes the accusations of not being a 'real fan' come out. There is no wrong way[...]
New Lady Geek Subscription Box 'Fan Mail' Delivers Classic Fantasy
It combines seminal geek elements like The Hobbit with slightly more recent accents of Legends of Zelda and Harry Potter, and rounds that off with a nod to current fandoms like Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon and Once Upon a Time. I know that when Bleeding Cool's staff writer Christine Marie reads this,[...]