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Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – All New X-Men, Flash, Prophet, Fatale, RIPD, Before Watchmen (x2), All Star Western, My Little Pony, Superman, Teen Titans, A Plus X, FF, Lot 13 And Thor,
The paralls are clear… Angouleme-listed Fatale also loves a little parallel in this scene of sex and violence, equally posed with the participants in different positions… and temperaments This is the kind of thing that would seem horribly forced in a cinematic jump cut, here in comics it works like a dream. How the Cuban Missile Crisis[...]
Cammy's Covers – Fatale To Rocketeer
So you don't have to. Fatale #9 by Sean Phillips Fifty Shades of Green…and Tentacles (Now a New York Times Best-Seller!) Sean Phillips does a marvelous job setting-up a creepy tone with this cover The color choices alone are spectacular, for the red jacket really pops on the green background, but those shadows are so sinister, that[...]
Review: Fatale #7 – A Fleshed Out Tour
They've produced the best crime comics of the last decade with Criminal, they've done their own unique brand of pulp aged super-villainy with Incognito and now they're spinning a horror tale that's quickly making a name for itself right alongside those other titles with Fatale. The first volume felt like the brain sick love child of[...]
Monday Runaround: A Porn Film In A Comic Shop
I just slept till noon. SigningWatch: A few upcoming signing events at Gosh Comics, London…  A launch party for the Fatale collection, with Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips on Saturday, July 7th, 6.30 – 9pm And a launch party for Ellipsis by Tom Humberstone on Friday, July 27th, 7pm -8.30pm. ApeWatch: From Boom, in September… Planet Of[...]
The Bleeding I – Talking With Eric Stephenson About Image Selling Out
Do you have any thoughts on what causes these blips? Eric: I think you're skipping over Fatale, Whisper, Alpha Girl, Thief of Thieves and The Manhattan Projects, along with Prophet and Glory, and I think you can go back even further than that, really, because things like The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Mudman, and The[...]
Speculator Corner – Adventure Time, Peter Panzerfaust, Thief Of Thieves, No Place Like Home, Fatale, Alpha Girl, Prophet, Road Rage, Dawn Of The Jedi, Crossed, Hell Yeah, The Manhattan Projects And Supurbia
Check your purchases over the last few weeks, they could fund your next trip to the comic shop. Take Fatale #1, successfully selling for $28. Peter Panzerfaust #1 now selling for $15.50 and there's a bit of a mad rush to get copies. Prophet #21 which is basically a first issue is also at $15 book. Alpha Girl #1[...]
Fatale #1 And Prophet #21 Selling For $14-15 On eBay
The standard cover for Fatale #1 from Image Comics has just successfully sold for $9.75 plus $3.95 shipping The standard cover Prophet #21 from Image Comics has just successfully sold for $9.99 plus $4.50 shipping. The variants are going for more. The first was published two weeks ago for $3.50 The second yesterday for $2.99. Did you fill your[...]
The Ugly Face Of Comic Book Speculation – Fatale #1
Before it had shipped to comic stores, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Fatale had sold out to retailers, burning through the overprint and ensuring a second print coming out next month. But what of the first print? It's been well promoted and well sold and whizzing out of comic shops all over the place The reviews[...]
Fatale – The New Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips Comic For 2012
In the final (and rather wonderful) issue of Criminal: Last Of The Innocent, out this week, Ed Brubaker talks about his and Sean Phillips' next project for Marvel's Icon imprint, in the back. It's called Fatale. Brubaker says; Fatale is a bigger story, one that'll run at least 12 issues, and I think it brings a new twist[...]