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Squirrel Girl Gets A Fear Itself All Of Her Very Own
She's a joke character, but one that has drawn a lot of affection from readers and her appointment as a nanny for the Avengers, looking after Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's child was seen by some as a demotion. Well, this week's Fear Itself issue tries to put pay to that Not only does she take[...]
A Look At Fear Itself #6… Courtesy Of Fear Itself #5
The new issue of Fear Itself gives us a look at things to come Thor being given a lift home after a heavy night's mead drinking, a bridge and Iron Man mixing up a potion with Merlin But will it be alcoholic? And then we have a look at some other tie ins… Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]
The Difference Between The Marvel Battle Scars Images
They told us at San Diego Comic Con to compare the difference between the image on the screen and the one published on Marvel.com later. Here's the screen image of the Fear Itself: Battle Scars comic. And on the Marvel website… The big difference? Thor's gone, replaced Start your speculation engines…now! [...]
Marvel Offers Fear Itself Variant For Ripped Up Flashpoint Comics From DC
And then I get a press release from Marvel. In which they are to offer retailers a limited variant of Fear Itself #6 with a cover by Ed McGuinness And all retailers have to do is… return the covers of fifty first print Flashpoint spinoff titles published by DC Comics. And those who do will also be[...]
Live From The Fear Itself Panel At San Diego Comic Con
The cover to Fear Itself #6, folks Thor going toe to toe with a certain serpent… who of course does not have toes. After Fear Itself comes Battle Scars… with lots of vampire action And lots of after effects of the culmination of Fear Itself And check for the big difference between this and the official[...]
Marvel To Announce "The Fearless" With Matt Fraction And Mark Bagley At San Diego Comic Con
Marvel are to publish a new twelve issue twice-monthly mini-series, The Fearless, spinning out of Fear Itself, starting in October With creators including Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn, Chris Yost, Mark Bagley and Paul Pelletier, the book will see how Captain America, the Avengers, and others deal with the aftermath of Fear Itself.. Expect an announcement this[...]
Today's Marvel Teaser: Silver Surfer
 What could it mean…?  Here's what Rich has posted about the It's Either In You Or It's Not teasers so far: Here are all the images released so for for this Fear Itself/The Mighty announcment at San Diego for something coming in December and being announced at Cup O' Joe at San Diego Comic Con. Iron Fist,[...]
Breaking The Mighty Marvel Code
Here are all the images released so for for this Fear Itself/The Mighty announcment at San Diego for something coming in December and being announced at Cup O' Joe at San Diego Comic Con. Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, She Rulk Mighty Avengers or something Anyway, a number of letters in the images are highlighted different colours[...]
Oh, So The Mighty Are Spinning Off In Their Own Series In December?
The latest Marvel teaser for something new in December, being announced at the Fear Itself Panel on the Sunday of San Diego Comic Con is making things clearer Iron Fist, Dr Strange, both members of The Mighty in upcoming issues of Fear Itself.. which will be finished in December So is this a book spinning[...]
Retailer Swag From Diamond At San Diego Comic Con
Are you a comic book retailer? Or can you represent one at San Diego Comic Con? Then you too could get free lunch and this rather excluisve swag bag or… rather exclusive swag. Expect these to hit eBay rather soonish. FlashPoint #1 Exclusive Variant Fear Itself #3 Immonen Variant & Uncanny X-Force #11 Brooks Variant Halo Minimates Warthog Vehicle A[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Hobbits, Supergods, And The Mighty
So we all know who The Worthy are in Marvel's Fear Itself Well, now we have to work out who The Mighty are as well Presumably Marvel heroes turned by Asgardian magic to battle them or somesuch There are some obvious Tron-castoff silhouettes, with the likes of Hawkeye, Wolverine and the like, but there's bound[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: SPOILERS
Meaning people are really engaged in what's coming out right now, meaning Flashpoint and Fear Itself, to a great extent  Interesting indeed. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Our First Look At Goth Superman (Flashpoint SPOILERS) In the newest issue of Flashpoint, out today, we discover… Today, Wildstorm Enters Flashpoint (SPOILERS) So, we knew with Voodoo, Stormwatch and Grifter, that Wildstorm would[...]