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Dark Horse Sends Fight Club 2, Rebels And Archie Vs. Predator Ashcans Out
This week, comic stores received "ashcan" copies of Fight Club 2, Rebels and Archie Vs Predator from Dark Horse to promote the upcoming release of those series. Traditionally, ashcan comics were small print runs, often lacking in production values, colour, or size and published in order to secure copyright or trademark interests In the nineties they were[...]
Dead Poets Vs. Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk At The Dark Horse ComicsPRO Presentation
He was there to drum up support and excitement for the Fight Club 2 sequel comic book he has been writing But he needed a hand. Signed hands, handed out to every retailer… Chuck told the crowd that Fight Club is unapologetically The Great Gatsby…and One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest… and Gone With The Wind, Valley Of The Dolls – all stories[...]
Fight Club 2 Will Launch May 27th, And Follow On From Free Comic Book Day Prequel
Fight Club 2 is the official comic book sequel written by Chuck Palahniuk, to the original Fight Club novel written by Chuck Palahniuk. And it's out on May 27th. Editor Scott Allie talked to Bleeding Cool EIC Hannah Means-Shannon in depth about this project, and other Dark Horse comic books. Along the way, Allie pointed out that the Final Order[...]
Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart Do Fight Club 2 At Dark Horse
Start queuing up all those Fight Club quotes  writer Chuck Palahniuk is teaming with  Cameron Stewart for the sequel, and it's a 10-issue Dark Horse comic  USAToday has the word:   Chuck Palahniuk is breaking the first two rules of Fight Club: He's talking about Fight Club. The author's devotees probably won't mind since what's on his mind these days is more[...]
How Fight Club Will Return As A Comic Book
During which he asked him about the announced graphic novel sequel to his original novel, Fight Club, the basis for an ever more successful movie. Chuck told him; So much of Fight Club was a rant against fathers At the time every man I knew was complaining about how little he'd learned from his father[...]
A Sequel To Fight Club – As A Comic
Alex Wilson writes; The first rule of Fight Club? Well, Chuck Palahniuk broke that rule at San Diego Comic Con this year He announced he is in the early stages of making a Fight Club sequel The interesting part? It's going to be a graphic novel Here's a quote from Palahniuk. About the graphic novel, it's true. [...]