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Here Are 17 Minutes Of New Firewatch Gameplay
Firewatch seems so very interesting Setting you up a mystery to solve as a watchman in a national park sounds like a delightful little narrative Add on top of that, the astonishing art direction and I'm all in. Well, here is 17 more minutes of gameplay as part of IGN First This actually a direct continuation[...]
Firewatch Finally Gets A Release Date
Firewatch has been on a lot of people's radars for a while, now The game looks gorgeous and it seems to be telling a rather intriguing story about a man taking on the job a Firewatchmen I've been personally intrigued ever since it surfaced last year. Finally, we have a release date for the game too[...]
Horizon: Zero Dawn
A "game" which even the designers failed to explain in good detail but which contains a virtual toy box of tools which, if done correctly could allow the player to develop incredible experiences and then a little tension as Firewatch showed us a first person game, set in a contemporary wilderness, where your only source[...]
Watch The First 17 Minutes Of The Beautiful Firewatch
Firewatch turned up pretty much out of nowhere last March It looked like an intriguing narrative experience come to life with beautiful art direction Since then, things have been pretty quiet game. Until today Campo Santo have released the first 17 minutes of the title to the internet as part of IGN First It really does[...]