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The Bleeding Cool Review – Promised Land

Rosemarie DeWitt effortlessly flirts with both men as the dream girl who symbolizes the one upsmanship between them, while Frances McDormand is solid as Damon's sales partner - though underused - while trying to evoke a working mom who just wants to do the job and go home to her family The ubiquitous and chameleon-like Scoot[...]

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Gets "Painted" Poster

I don't know if a brush ever met canvas in the creation of this poster, if it was all plastic pens and tablets, or mice and bumpy desks, but the look is "painterly" at least. And pretty twee too. As you might expect. You saw the trailer, didn't you? Or anything else Wes Anderson has […]

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Review

Frances McDormand plays an entirely unsympathetic spook who is part adversary, part comic relief And what in God’s name has happened to John Malkovich?Patrick Dempsey shows up as a duplicitous slimeball of the old school, and pulls it off fairly well, if a little one-dimensionally Leonard Nimoy voices new Autobot Sentinel Prime Bay can’t resist[...]