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Apocalypse Now: Theatrical Reissue Review

Apocalypse Now is back in UK cinemas from tomorrow, May 27th. Ben Shillito went to re-watch it for us: For a number of reasons, reviewing Apocalypse Now is almost impossible. This film, practically unique in the annals of cinema, has such a weight of history and myth heaped upon it that the mere celluloid is […]

Ben Chaplin Playing Edgar Allan Poe For Francis Ford Coppola?

Stand back John Cusack and Viggo Mortenson, there's another big screen Edgar Allan Poe in town, and it's Ben Chaplin, recent victim of London Boulevard, sometime star of The Remains of the Day. A report on the IFC website has Chaplin down to play "Edgar Allan Poe", complete with quote marks, in Francis Ford Copolla's […]

Dan Deacon To Provide Music For Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt Now And Sunrise

As well as having a novelty 3D section, Francis Ford Coppola's upcoming gothic horror film Twixt Now and Sunrise is to get a soundtrack from Dan Deacon Pitchfork have reported this from a press release which also tells them Coppola and Deacon are going to be "collaborating on a larger level, details of which will[...]

Francis Ford Coppola Discusses His New Horror Movie, Twixt Now And Sunrise

The newly revitalised Francis Ford Coppola is now in production with a "gothic romance/horror" called, amusingly enough, Twixt Now and Sunrise The NY Times have published some excerpts taken from a statement by Coppola, providing some insight into his inspiration and ambition for the film, and revealing some of the cast.Coppola is quoted as saying the[...]