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The Order Of Dagonet #1 By Jeremy Whitley And Jason Strutz – FREE
Now, we're stuck with an aging rock star, a Shakespearean actor turned American B-movie star, and a writer of popular children's books are our last hope to save the world from the faerie menace! Here's the first forty-four page The Order Of Dagonet issue by Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz from Action Lab Comics, free. [...]
Your Free Copy Of Cyberforce #2
Here it is! Free gratis, funded by Kickstarter. Of course if you want the version with the two extra Marc Silvestri pages at the back, you'll have to pick up your free printed version at your local participating comic store But you can also download it here. Here it is! Free gratis, funded by Kickstarter. Of course[...]
What Will You Win From Your Comic Store This Hallowe'en?
For a start it's the first Hallowe'en ComicFest, where like Free Comic Book Day, retailers will have bundles of free comics to give away with a Hallowe'en theme. Then, Diamond Comic Distributors is organising a Hallowe'en photo contest with big prizes Comic book readers can enter to win, with the top 26 winning their choice in[...]
Top Cow Brings Back Cyber Force With Kickstarter – For Free
Cyber Force doesn't really fit thatbrief however, it feels like a bit too much of a mainstream project to need funding in this way. The difference is, however, that if the book is successfully funded, then the five issue series will be free to all In both digital and print. Talking to the LA Times, Marc Silvestri[...]
Phonogram: The Singles Club #1 For Free – By Kieron Gillen And Jamie McKelvie
The first issue is free, downloadable on ComiXology, but we also took this opprtunity to make it available free on Bleeding Cool as well, below. [issuu width=420 height=323 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120522105756-add433a062ff4893ba712b76eb8594b4 name=phonogram2_01 username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] It also means you can listen to Pull Shapes by the Pipettes really easily while reading. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Free Avengers Vs X-Men Day In North Carolina
On April 3rd, for their Avengers Vs X-Men launch party at 8pm, they will be giving the comic away, one per person, for free As well as cake, drinks and whatever the hell else they will be getting up to. And as for those rare variants that might help cover the cost, they will be giving[...]
How To Claim Your Free $5 Of Print Comics Through Marvel
But you really are free to do with it as you want. And yes, it is restricted to the USA Or rather shops in the USA You can buy your digital comic and get the voucher in the UK and Canada But can only spend it in a US shop Protectionism? I blame Obama. Astonishing X-Men 1-35,[...]
This Avengers Comic Is Very Bad. But It Is Also Free.
It's completely free And it's completely awful. Part of some special projects deal, Marvel have created an Avengers comic to emphasise good personal banking practices, with Visa The usual thing, the Avengers battle a foe and while doing so, both teach and learn about balancing budget, managing saving accounts, that sort of thing Forced, yes[...]
The First Appearance Of The Walking Dead's Michonne, Free On ComiXology
Given the way the final episode of the second series of The Walking Dead ended, coupled with her origin being briefly told in this month's Playboy, there's a sudden demand for anything related to Michonne, the mysterious warrior woman with a penchant for sword slinging. A copy of her first appearance in the comic, issue 19,[...]
The Ninjettes #1 by Al Ewing And Eman Casallos – FREE
The second issue of Ninjettes #1, by Al Ewing and Eman Casallos, is published today. If you fancy a look at this Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood spinoff, and find the idea of female ninjas raised from the dead entertaining, then you can check out the entire first issue for free, legally, below. If not, then be on[...]
The Joy Of Dolphins – Crossed: Wish You Were Here Goes Live
The launch date for Avatar's new twice-monthly Crossed series Badlands, but also the second Avatar webcomic, Crossed: Wish You Were Here, for free, one chapter every week, by Si Spurrier, Javier Barreno and Gary Erskine. Which has just gone live Now, as we know, every new Crossed has to start off with something you may not[...]
FREE: Kirby Genesis #2 by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and Jack Herbert
for free. Today, you get issue 2… also for free. Then you get a weekend break. And then issues 3 and 4 will be available on Monday and Tuesday Issue 5… you can buy in the store on Wednesday Simples! Yesterday, Bleeding Cool gave you issues 0 and 1 of Kirby Genesis by Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross and[...]
Free Savage Dragon #175 For All Graphic.Ly Readers
By arranging to give a free copy of Erik Larsen's double sized Savage Dragon #75 to everyone with a Graphic.Ly login. I'm off to go and get mine now.   Sometimes it seems it's all ComiXology, ComiXology, ComiXology. Well, Micah Balwin of Graphic.Ly has seen to it that people remember there are other digital comic book readers/distributors out[...]
FREE: Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1
Here is the first issue of Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1 from Dynamite, absolutely free. Oh not quite obviously Because before you get that, I'm going to make you wade through previews for Dynamite books out this week. THE BIONIC  MAN #3 by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau. THE BOYS: BUTCHER, BAKER, CANDLESTICKMAKER #4 (of[...]