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Alan Moore's Jerusalem And New League For 2013
A From Hell Companion by Eddie Campbell. But it is likely that Jerusalem will be literary highlight of them all  You may start your anticipatory engines… now. It's his second novel It is reputed to be half a million words long It may take some time to read, it's taken a very long to write. Jerusalem, by[...]
The From Hell "British Customs Copies" For Sale – £100
A collection of all the issues from the Tundra/Kitchen Sink From Hell comic What was different was their place on history. They've all been stickered and marked up by Her Majesty's Customs to examine – and were eventually passed Certain issues of From Hell had been banned by Customs years previously, but it was this reexamination of[...]
Comics We Just Can't Wait For… But Have To
Both From Hell and Lost Girls were completed and collected The Incorrigible Hulk is being serialised in Strange Adventures And there's even word on more Miracleman. So… there's a few What are the big ones I missed? We wouldn't bitch if we didn't care. There are basically three types of comics it hurts to wait for. 1) The[...]