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Dream Daddy
Well, every player that would like to hook up with a dad anyway. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dream Daddy – Teaser Trailer (A Game from Game Grumps!) ( The game is being developed by Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray with Game Grumps, Dream Daddy promises to be filled with mini games and daddy[...]
Let's Players Do Battle In Latest Switch Videos
In what appears to be shot weeks before the system was released, the company just put out a three-part series of "Switch Rally" videos featuring two teams made up of members of Smosh Games and a third team made up of members from Game Grumps Part one is below, which will lead you to the[...]
The Game Grumps & Wendy's Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love
If you've been following the Game Grumps official Twitter feed for the past year, you've probably seen their on-again-off-again relationship with fast food restaurants They've basically tried to have relationships with places like Applebees, Olive Garden and Chili's Many have tried to flirt with the Grumps, both fast food joints and major dining chains, but[...]