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Monday DVD And Blu-Ray Review – The Yellow Sea, The Thing And 50/50

This week: a Korean action thriller, The Yellow Sea; a preqboot sequel-remake, The Thing; and a comedy about cancer, 50/50. None of them is a total washout but it's probably not a surprise to say they're not all knockouts either. [podcast_display] More on each of these, in fact, over the next couple of days.

Get Your Cabin In The Woods Tickets For Our Special Screening In Oxford

As well as our tickets for screenings of Cabin in the Woods across the UK, we've also got these other ones just for the Oxford screening – right here in my hometown. Plenty to go round, lots for those of you who finding your way here from the plug I've just given on Glide FM. […]

Friday Film Review – 21 Jump Street And We Bought A Zoo

Sophie really managed to put me off my stride in the middle of this week's Friday film slot on Glide FM, sending one of my points about We Bought a Zoo spiralling off into a total dead end. Nonetheless, here's the whole thing. Ish. [display_podcast] Both 21 Jump Street and We Bought a Zoo are […]

Monday DVD And Blu-Ray Review – Jane Eyre And From Prada To Nada

After Sophie had a week off for "baby stuff", the Monday DVD and Blu-ray review returned to Glide FM in its normal form this morning. Which essentially meant me leaving out key bits of information but leaving in too many daft jokes. I also appear to suggest that the inclusion of Michael Fassbender instantly gives […]

Friday Film Review – Looking Ahead To Pirates! And Backwards To The Vow

Here's my Friday film review from Glide FM. I don't know why I was so excitable this morning, but I was. We have a quick look back at The Vow, then look forward to Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists – though, to be clear, this isn't an embargo-breaking review. No. Scout's honour. [display_podcast] Come […]

Friday-ish Film Review – 21 Jump Street Tweets

Trying to do a radio film review slot on about two hours sleep didn't really work in my favour this Friday, so in lieu of the whole, messy affair, here's a promo that was cut from the "best bit." Singular. I saw a screening of 21 Jump Street on Thursday night and while I was […]

Belated Film Review – The Descendants, Carnage And… Kermit The Frog

Last Friday's film review slot from Glide FM took its time reaching my inbox, but it finally made it. At first we talk about meeting Kermit the frog because, naturally, everybody has questions about that. Then I touch on Carnage again, and finally get a few words in about The Descendants. But, sadly, it wasn't […]

Friday Film Review – Coriolanus, Haywire And Chronicle

This week's two most interesting releases are Coriolanus, reworking Shakespeare as a modern war film, and Haywire, which contains some of the best action you will ever see. Ever. Also on the slate is Chronicle, which is coming on the 1st of February in the UK and the 3rd in the US. I'm sure I'll […]

Weekly New Release Review – Shame And Goon

Here's an excerpt of me from GlideFM on Friday morning, talking about Shame, one of the week's new releases. I also catch up on Goon which came out last week in the UK, but is still some weeks off in the US and its native Canada. [display_podcast] I'll be running one of these every Friday […]