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The Case For Kickstarter: 20 Crowdfunded Films Headed For Sundance

So I haven't always been the biggest fan of rich, famous people asking their fans for money to make movies, but with 20 features, shorts and documentaries that were made with the help of Kickstarter headed for Sundance this year, it certainly gives me and other like-minded individuals a new perspective to think about.Anything that[...]

First Image Of Emily Browning Filming God Help The Girl – Hip Pin-Up Ahoy

I'm very hopeful that Stuart Murdoch's directorial debut, God Help The Girl, is going to be a real cracker You'll probably have noticed that I've been covering it for a while, and I intend to keep onto it all the way.Here's a real milestone on that path - the first images from the set.This shows[...]

Teaser Trailer And Casting Details For Stuart Murdoch's God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl is coming together at last.Three years after the release of its soundtrack After the band who recorded the soundtrack have already broken up.But casting is finally underway now, with Murdoch keen to look far and wide, and showing no fear of unknowns.Recent videos on the film-band-album's website have featured Murdoch and[...]