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Young Terrorists Is Actually The Avengers Of The Black Mask Universe – Here Are Some Clues…
1 prize left! — pizzolO))) (@pizzolo) September 9, 2015 Here's a little evidence of what's coming… including that name. Young Terrorists #1 Liberator #2 Young Terrorists #1 Liberator #2Young Terrorists #1 Ballistic #4  Young Terrorists #1 Godkiller #7 Basically, Young Terrorists is the Avengers of the Black Mask universe They are characters seen elsewhere And now joining together… Young Terrorists contest WHAT IS CESAR'S[...]
Godkiller To Get Animated Film Trilogy
Black Mask Studios comic series Godkiller will get a trilogy of animated feature films according to Deadline This will be self-financed and produced by the publisher. Godkiller was created by Matt Pizzolo, Anna Muckracker Wieszczyk and Ben Templesmith and first appeared in 2008 It's the story of an escape teenaged slave who survives in a post-apocalyptic[...]
Black Mask Launches Godkiller Weekly Comic In March
The Occupy Comics publisher Black Mask are publishing the Godkiller transmedia series of graphic novels by Matt Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk as a weekly comic book series, beginning in March Described as a "twisted sci-horror adventure about a boy's search for a new heart to save his dying sister in a post-nuclear wasteland populated by[...]
Killing God With Matt Pizzolo
You may have even experienced (which is really the only way one can take it in, you don't "watch" it) one of the Godkiller illustrated films, available streaming on Netflix. This year in San Diego I was lucky enough to meet Matt Pizzolo, who not only writes comics but directs and is the principle organizer of[...]