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Bid Now To Own DC's First Comic!
The comic that pre dates DC (and all their heroes), a rare find in the comic collecting world. Will you be the new owner for this book?
Flash Comics #1 Ashcan (Fawcett) Auction Ends Tonight On Comic Connect
Ashcan copies of Golden Age comics are, in a word, rare I don't see them pop up too often in auction houses, and frankly I've maybe seen one in person throughout my years of buying old books In tonight's Jon Berk auction at Comic Connect, a Flash Comics #1 Ashcan will be going to a[...]
Lauren Looks Back: Matt Baker
If you collect Golden Age comics, chances are high you have a number of Baker stories in your collection He also did freelance work for Atlas Comics (which would eventually become Marvel), penciling such comics as Western Outlaws, Quick Trigger Action, Frontier Woman and Wild Western. Unfortunately for the industry his genius would come to[...]
The Geek Shopping Ninja Strikes: Comic Book Pride
(The creator has a bunch of fun fabric options available to make different scarf's if you're looking for something with a giant Hulk face on it.)   2. 1.25" Saga Lying Cat Pinback Button or Ceramic Magnet from KaleighBulford    ($1.73)  Don't even try and tell me you're not in love with this…Lying! Hey Saga fans! I'm talking to you! 3. Power Girl[...]