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I hope his computer brain can remember more than those two states, or it's going to be a very messy life for Murphy. Gravel#0 gives us early iterations of British combat magicians and basically puts thge entire British Empire in their hands. While Stitched also looks at the origin of their particular breed of undead[...]
Avatar Relaunches Gravel Combat Magician
Created by Warren Ellis and given new life by Mike Wolfer, Bleeding Cool owners Avatar Press are relaunching Gravel Combat Magician in January with a new extra sized 0 issue, written by Wolfer and drawn by Gabriel Rearte. Gravel returns with a super-size launch issue and an all-new monthly series!  Mike Wolfer has worked on every issue[...]
Warren Ellis' Gravel Movie Gets New Screenwriters And Director Tim Miller
Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. Deadline and Warren Ellis himself have revealed that VFX guru Tim Miller will direct the big screen adaptation of Ellis' comic book series Gravel for Legendary Pictures. Gravel tells the story of William Gravel, a British Special Air Service member who is also a Combat Magician, one who dabbles in dark[...]
Avatar Plug Of The Week: Gravel And Fevre Dream
It's our Avatar plug of the week with previews of the final issue (for now) of Ellis and Wolfer's movie-optioned Gravel, and the eighth issue of George RR Martin's adapted vampire novel Fevre Dream Both out today in the US, out tomorrow in the UK. Gravel #21 story: Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer art: Mike Wolfer Everything you know[...]
Warren Ellis To Adapt Gravel As Movie – He's Writing The Script, Folks
Warren Ellis, hunched over his laptop in his local Essex pub, damning the smoking ban and sipping whisky as he taps madly away ripping stories from the ether and trapping them in cold hard digital bits to be mailed off to editors and artists and agents and fans the world over. Well, in addition to his[...]
Avatar Plugs Of The Week – Crossed And Gravel
the preview for Crossed #6 can be read here. Same goes for Gravel '#12 by Mark Wolfer and Warren Ellis Basically Constantine meets Bravo Two Zero. Not so much spell casting as leg casting In plaster After he's gone and splintered someone's thighbone, possibly with magic, more likely with a crowbar or his bare hands! Violence and[...]