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certain activities occuring within one's underwear, we have Alex De Campi's new sexploitation comic Grindhouse. It's just nasty, just the way it should be You know, I remember when Alex and Kieron used to contribute to the same fanzine/comics Clearly they rubbed off on each other a little And as for that second panel, wouldn't it[...]
Tuesday Runaround – From Grindhouse To Pittsburgh Zines
GRINDING DOWNTOWN Alex De Campi is signing her Grindhouse #1: Doors Open At Midnight at Midtown Comics Downtown on Thursday Doors open at 6.30pm. THANKS FOR ALL THE FLASH A thank you letter from retailer Dennis Barger to DC Comics; The best part was when you Dan announced at Boston that there would be allocations before FOC was due[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Get Grinding To Grindhouse
Next week, at your local comic store, we have Grindhouse #1 and Occultist #1 from Dark Horse, Hinterkind #1 at DC Vertigo, Bushido and the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 at Image, and new issues Fantomex, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Captain America: Living Legend #1 and the All-New X-Men Special There's Fairy Tale Comics from First[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Here Come The Powerpuff Girls
Next week! A new issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine hits the stands, a new Criminal Macabre starts, everyone lines up and tries to grab a copy of Joker's Daughter before flipping it on eBay for $100, there's the launch of the Dick Cheney-killing The Other Dead #1 and Powerpuff Girls #1 from IDW, Rat Queens[...]