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Horizon: Zero Dawn Won't Render In Native 4K But Guerrilla Games Says You Won't Notice
Speaking during a roundtable (via GameSpot), Guerrilla Games art director Jan-Bart Van Beek confirmed that assets in the games wouldn't be rendered in 4K but cautioned that it shouldn't be noticable He said: It's not native 4K It is perceptively so close that you wouldn't be able to see the difference with normal human eyes. Who knows if you[...]
Massive Horizon: Zero Dawn Poster Adornes LA With E3 Incoming
It truly was lovely looking, and I'm fascinated about what we will see come E3. To highlight that we certainly can expect some noise (roars?) from the game at the show, developer Guerrilla Games have shown off this rather massive poster for the title which has been plastered to a building in LA It really is[...]
Horizon: Zero Dawn Is The Hardest Project Guerrilla Has Ever Worked On
The idea of a broken future where man has reverted back to cave people fighting robot Dinosaurs? I'm in. The game has been a tough one for Guerrilla Games though After leaving their comfort zone of Killzone in their past, the developer has now changed perspective and genre to make Horizon According to  managing director Hermen[...]
E3 2015 Game Of The Show Nomination: Horizon: Zero Dawn
One things that was entirely clear though was that Guerrilla Games had talent Their work with visual and art direction was always on point and there was no better example of this than Killzone: Shadow Fall That game was gorgeous on a lot of levels, it just really struggled to capture, at least my imagination[...]
E3: Horizon: Zero Dawn Is All About The Robo-Dinosaurs And It Looks Amazing
Guerrilla games have come out of hiding after Killzone: Shadowfall to announce a new IP and it looks very cool. The game is called Horizon: Zero Dawn and features indigenous people hunting robo-dinosaurs, I mean that should be enough right? No? Well get a load of the trailer It looks amazing. [youtube][/youtube] I was actually really impressed by how poe[...]