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H1Z1 Finally Leaves Early Access With A New "Auto Royale" Mode
Its been a minute since we heard some massive news from H1Z1 as other battle royale games have been dominating the news But today, Daybreak Games officially announced that H1Z1 is leaving Early Access and is available on Steam and PC download, along with a new game mode called "Auto Royale" The new mode is[...]
Looking Over The Next Few Updates Coming To 'H1Z1' At PAX West
While a lot of the focus in the battle royale genre has been on another title, a lot of eyes have been on H1Z1 to see how Daybreak Games would respond to all the new stuff that's now in a marketplace that they had previously cornered for a while I got a chance to visit[...]
'H1Z1' Gets Another Huge Update, Including Bringing Back Skirmishes
For real, ever since BattleGrounds came out, we've been getting a bevy of updates to H1Z1, as if they've been in cold storage this entire time Today, Daybreak released a new set of updates, complete with a trailer for you to watch about them, which we've added below The short version: You shotgun might actually[...]
'Battlegrounds' Boasting One Million Sales While 'H1Z1' Tries To Fix Issues
That's pretty impressive for an Early Access game with an already established competitor on the market. Meanwhile, H1Z1 isn't going to take it lying down After months of complaints about the system and gameplay, it appears they're finally working out some kinks But considering what's on this list of stuff they just added to the game,[...]
'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Community Is Becoming What 'H1Z1' Could Not
So since H1Z1 never seems to leave early access, Bluehole Studios decided to take matters into their own hands and created a multiplayer match of their own with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds If the feedback online is any indication, the game is being judged as far superior with its own issues and quirks that people are trying to[...]
Sony Have Sold Sony Online Entertainment, Who Are Now The Daybreak Game Company
The developer took to their forums (Via Polygon) today to announce the move and that in the future they will be owned by Columbus Nova under the name Daybreak Game Company. The developer said they didn't expect any changes to their games such as DC Universe Online, EverQuest Next and the popular new title H1Z1[...]