hangover 2

The Full Trailer For The Hangover Part 2

I didn't like The Hangover but I want to like the Hangover Part 2. Though… it doesn't look like I will. I thought you'd probably like to see this trailer, however. Maybe you'll enjoy all of the little bits where something happens almost exactly like it did in the last one (the speeded up cars […]

Teaser Trailer For The Hangover 2

This doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. I really hated the first film… I won't go into that now, but will tomorrow, in my Due Date Blu-ray review. Nonetheless, The Hangover was both a popular and a financial success, and there's a huge amount of anticipation for this second installment. You'll see how this […]

Former President Bill Clinton Is In The Hangover 2

The last top-up to the Hangover 2 cast saw Paul Giamatti book his plane tickets to Thailand for an unspecified role. That was quite unexpected, I think… but not as unexpected as this. Former President Bill Clinton has been seen on the set of the movie, and TMZ have stated that he actually has a part […]

Liam Neeson Replacing Mel Gibson In The Hangover 2

Oh, look – yet another story on the Mel Gibson Hangover 2 cameo that will never be. Amazing. This time, Variety brings us news of Mad Mel's replacement. Well, it's certainly going to be a step down in terms of tabloid-baiting controversy, but the new Mel Gibson is none other than Liam Neeson. I'm glad […]

Mutiny: Mel Gibson Cameo In Hangover 2 Now Nixed Over Dissent

It's been this week's ping-pong ball of a news story, flashing back and forth, new details coming to light here, there and everywhere. And now, it looks like we've received the final update. According to an official statement from Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover 2, Mel won't be making an appearance. Why not? Well, […]