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Supergirl And Sticky Buns – Keeping Up With The Kryptonians
So far on Supergirl we've met General Astra, a Hellgrammite, Vartox, Hank Henshaw who in the comics is Cyborg Superman and Winn Schott who in the comics is the Toyman And next week we get Reactron… obviously the show is following The Flash model of introducing a lot of villains quickly. But the latest preview focuses more[...]
More On Supergirl – Familiar Names In The Supporting Cast
Unware of her secret, he carries a torch for Kara, whom he lives next door to. HANK HENSHAW | As an upstart CIA agent, Hank grew obsessed with intergalactic intel Now in his 40s and lording over the DEO (Department of Extra-Normal Operations), he is on high alert when Supergirl reveals herself, worried that her otherworldly abilities pose[...]