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New French Poster For Snowpiercer And News That Some Of Us May See The Director's Cut In Cinemas
It's also notable that it has been absent from festival line-ups in English speaking countries. Presumably this is due to the previously reported news that Harvey Scissorhands Weinstein wants director Bong Joon-Ho to cut the film, in particular to appease a stereotype Weinstein reportedly has of American mid-westerners. Bong Joon-Ho and actress Tilda Swinton were in France this week for the premiere[...]
Read The Grandmaster And Ain't Them Bodies Saints Comics For Free Online
What do Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster and David Lowery's Ain't Them Bodies Saints have in common? They've been recut for release at the suggestion of Harvey Scissorhands Weinstein That and they both have tie-in comics that have just been put online to read for free. The Grandmaster comic is hosted by Vice – thanks to wongkarwai.net for pointing[...]