Welcome To Kansas – Dream Thief Hits Hastings

Next week sees the debut release of Dream Thief by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood from Dark Horse. And also Dream Merchant from Image Comics. But more of that later. That said, Hastings has taken an interest in Dream Thief.  They're doing an exclusive variant cover by Smallwood and the creative team are touring five […]

Hastings Puts Its Comics Online – Including The Variants

Bleeding Cool first broke the story that Hasting was to become the USA's largest chain of comic stores, when it gave over a hundred of its stores Diamond accounts and started stocking comics in depth. And we've been following its progress ever since. One of the interesting wrinkles is Hastings commissioning of variant covers for […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Hastings From Kevin Eastman

There are certain Bleeding Cool readers who pay for their weekly comics bill by picking up a couple of Hasting exclusive covers when they know they're out and flipping them on eBay. And fair play to them. Until the Variant Cover Event Horizon arrives and it all collapses around our heads. But here's the latest, […]

Captain America Fights Bigotry, Censorship And Terrorism At Hastings

Here's the Hastings variant edition of Captain America #1 for Marvel NOW! Of course this does behoove me to point out that Hastings were signees supporting internet censorship… Also, probably not a good place for Rivera to add his name… also, is Captain America is fighting graft, or is Graft the name of the inker or colourist…? […]

Don't Buy The Avengers DVD/Blu-Ray/Uncanny Avengers Hastings Exclusive Combo

This is the Uncanny Avengers #1 Hastings Cover/Avengers Blu Ray combo deal for $49.99. Bleeding Cool recommends that you do NOT buy it. Why? Because tomorrow it will be $39.99. And that's much more like it. Available to order online, the comics in question come straight from the warehouse (so no store dings or creases […]

Hastings Variant Cover For My Little Pony #1

Bleeding Cool has been running a number of stories of the Hastings variant covers for comic books, sold exclusively at Hastings stores in certain parts of America, There have been all sorts of appealing covers before, from True Blood to Doctor Who to Uncanny Avengers, and lots of people who don;t live near a Hastings, […]

Uncanny Avengers #1 From Hastings Selling For $35 – If You Can Find One!

It's not even available in stores yet. But the Hastings exclusive Uncanny Avengers #1 cover is already selling for $35 on eBay. Easy pickings if you live near a store, yes? Not necessarily… One reader writes; Actually Rich, the Hastings variants aren't available at every Hastings. Plus Hastings damages their comics so often that getting […]

The Doctor Cosplays As Himself On Doctor Who #1 Hastings Variant Cover

The scarf from Fourth. The trousers from Fifth. The jumper from Seventh. The cuffs of Eight Three. The coat of Tenth. The ring and stick of One. While Amy wears the coat of Six, the cravat of Eight and the hat of Eleven… and Rory carries everything else. This is the Hastings variant cover for […]

Hastings Launches A Nationwide Pullbox

Well, nationwide-ish. Mostly in the South. Twenty states. Bleeding Cool has been following the progress of Hastings, a multimedia entertainment superstore retailer, moving into comic book store territory. Increasing massively the stock and knowledge base of 138 stores, and creating the largest direct market comic book chain, and the largest single buyer of comic books […]

FCBD 2012: Collector's Paradise In California… And Hastings

California's Collector's Paradise has two stores involved heavily with Free Comic Book Day this May the 5th, one in Padadena, the other in Canoga Park. Signing talent includes Ed Brubaker, Steven Niles, Josh Fialkov, Jim McCann, Kyle Higgins, Rodin Esquejo, Sonia Oback, Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, Cbisy and Shane Houghton and Matt Whitlock. Theor […]

The Hastings Star Trek/ Legion Variant That's Burning Up On eBay

Yesterday a copy of the Hastings cover variant to the Star Trek/Legion Of Superheroes crossover from IDW sold for over $75 on eBay. Yet there are still copies on the shelves of many Hastings for cover price. So if you live near a Hastings… feel free to take advantage of those who don't.

Want DC Relaunch First Prints? Head To Hastings

Comic shops the country over may have sold out of lots of the DC relaunch first prints, with second and in some cases third prints on the way. But it's not just comic shops that have copies. Bleeding Cool first broke the story that Hastings was moving into comics in a big way, and we've […]

Marvel To Change The Face Of Newsstand Comics

Bleeding Cool has been the first to bring you news as to how both Hastings and Barnes & Noble have been massively increasing the amount of comic book material they carry. Well, Marvel seems to have sat up and noticed. I understand that they are launching a massive amount of new ongoing titles for this […]

Hastings And The Lady Death Exclusives (UPDATE)

Hastings continue their roll out of comic stores across certain parts of the country, and have now established the largest direct market comic chain in the world. And as part of that , they are extending their line of exclusive variant comics that ha ve proved so popular – and valuable – in the past. […]