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Netflix original drama series The Crown is more than likely planning a time jump for their third season.  This isn't just a theory I'm putting out there because it sounds cool, but because of a casting announcement that just happened. Variety just announced that Helena Bonham Carter has been brought on board for the third season of the[...]
A Much Better, Madder View Of Alice Through The Looking Glass
Alice has become the butterfly she showed the promise she could be. Praise must be doled out to Helena Bonham Carter for taking the Red Queen to new levels, channelling Miranda Richardson's Queenie to unsurpassed levels Johnny Depp completely disappears into the Mad Hatter, both young and old, so wonderfully consistent with the character at either[...]
Superhero Theme For This Year's Children In Need Charity Appeal
With Daniel Craig, Helena Bonham Carter, Louis Smith, Paul Hollywood and Abbey Clancy,  Tom Jones has to be the leader, right? Check the website here, for a few ideas… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYKXbUPAEdg[/youtube] [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgIMYgGu1s[/youtube] The new trailer for this year's Children In Need telethon charity appeal takes a number of BBC presenters and puts them through the superhero wringer[...]
Everybody Wants A Go – Catching Up On Tom Hooper's Les Miserables Casting Process
Tveit is an unknown in Hollywood but brings some solid musical credibilty to Hooper's production that has so far been lacking. And an unconventional way to announce news, but one that has been followed up and officially confirmed by the Daily Mail came this week from Matt Lucas's Twitter account, as he congratulated our very own[...]
Pfeiffer And Bonham Carter For Dark Shadows, Frankenweenie Takes Another Step Closer to Life
Now there are rumours that he will be joined by Burton's BAFTA-winning partner, Helena Bonham Carter, as well as his sometime catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer. Thompson on Hollywood has suggested that Pfeiffer will play Collins fmily matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, while Bonham Carter could play a rare blood disorder specialist, Dr Julia Hoffman There are to be[...]