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Are You Ready For Luke Cage? A Few Trades To Help You Out
Guest-starring the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Iron Man. Powerman And Iron Fist First Epic Collection: Heroes For Hire by Mary Jo Duffy, Chris Claremont, Kerry Gammill, John Byrne, and Trevor Von Eeden This book collects Power Man #48-49, Power Man & Iron Fist #50-70 This is where the team up of Marvel's stronger-than-steel man of the streets, Luke Cage and the[...]
99 Cents For Rucka Punisher And DnA Heroes For Hire On ComiXology
It's just hit Britain, America is less than five hours away, for Marvel's latest ComiXology Sale, the Greg Rucka-launched Punisher #1-9 and the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning more-female-focused and widespread Heroes For Hire #1-12 coming through at 99 cents or 69 pence each, for Friday. It's just hit Britain, America is less than five[...]
Are We Getting A Heroes For Hire Movie From Marvel?
We're probably getting a Heroes For Hire comic from Marvel this year, written by Brian Bendis, with the classic team of Luke Cage and Danny Rand, Power Man and Iron Fist – but now with Jessica Jones and her and Cage's baby as well. Superheroes taking on paying gigs With all the conflict of interest that[...]
Will Brian Bendis And Mike Deodato Give Us A New Heroes For Hire (Spoilers)
Here is that final page. So is that Heroes For Hire then? With Luke Cage and Jessica Jones? Come to think of it, we don't know where Iron Fist is meant to end up… Yesterday, as the final issue of Brian Bendis' New Avengers, and his final Avangers issue full stop, was published, Bendis tweeted; hey Avengers[...]
Wednesday Comics Reviews – Heroes For Hire #1 and The Unwritten #21
Heroes For Hire is the very opposite of that, super powered people selling their wares to the nearest bidder for their own personal reasons – with some of them hoping they can live with it And not shying away from the term "mercenary" So in Heroes For Hire #2, we have Misty Knight, Paladin, Silver[...]