The HTC Vive 'Sold' 15,000 Units In Less Than 10 Minutes

The HTC Vive went up for pre-order yesterday, for a cool $799. The big question was how many would stump up the cash to get in on the premium VR experience early. Well, we have some numbers. Thanks to HTC employee, Shen Ye, it's been revealed that 15k of the devices were sold in the first […]

HTC Vive Is Set At £689 In The UK

This is one for those of us in the UK and who are interested in the Vive. It was announced last week that the HTC Vive would be coming in hot at $799 for the US. Well, now we have the UK's pricing, and the Vive and it's peripherals will come in at £689. It […]

HTC VIVE Launches In April For $799 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Introducing the Vive ( Well, here is the second domino. The next big consumer VR headset is about to open up its pre-orders, and key details have come out today. It's been announced that the Valve backed, HTC Vive will launch in early April to the tune […]

The Vive VR Headset Pre-Orders Will Launch In February

The Oculus Rift recently announced its price for its first consumer headset recently to some noise. At $599, it was a lot to ask, and it set the next most anticipated headsets up, the PlayStation VR and the HTC and Valve Vive. Well, the latter of those will set up its flag in just a […]

The HTC Vive Now Has A Front Facing Camera

A little bit ago, we had heard that the HTC Vive was delayed due to a new technological advance. It was said we'd hear about it at CES, and alas, it has come to be. That advancement is a front facing camera which is on the new;y reveal headset, allowing users to switch out and […]

VR vs AR

The HTC Vive was meant to be the first major VR Headset to make its way to the public. It's the most impressive of the headsets I've tried, so I was quite excited about the prospect of having it this Christmas. Well, it recently got delayed into 2016, but there seems to be a good […]

VR vs AR

The HTC Vive, for my money, is the most incredible VR headset I've used. I've played with most of the competitors, and the act of being able to move around in a space on your own terms is an enthralling aspect that the other competitors don't have. Well, despite the headset first being touted for […]

VR vs AR

I got to use the HTC/Valve VR headset this weekend at EGX. I'll try and spend some time talking about my experience soon, but the long and short is that the Vive is really something quite special. I have been hit by motion sickness with VR before though, while playing EVE Valkyrie, and I hear […]

VR vs AR

I've been hearing a lot about the various Vive demos of late. The headset has been doing the rounds at various conventions and the like, as it gears up for its launch. One I'd heard quite a lot about was the Portal themed demo which was designed by Valve specifically for the headset device. Up […]

VR vs AR

Ever since the Vive was announced, it was under the impression that it would hit in 2015, making it the first consumer headset out of the door. With reports that it might well be the best of the first batch of VR headsets, I was really pulling for the tech. Well, lets pull the breaks […]

Valve's Vive VR Headset Is Going On An International Tour

Thus far, the HTC and Valve joint VR headset, the Vive, has remained somewhat of a mystery. Only a handful of industry folk have tried it out behind closed doors, but word is very exciting. From what my birds have told me, this might be the very best VR device set to release. If you […]

VR vs AR

From most accounts, the Vive is the best VR headset showing right now. This has made me wonder what the initial buy-in cost for the tech will be, especially because it comes bundled with two controllers that help make the experience smoother. While we don't have a number yet, HTC Connected Products Marketing boss Jeff Gattis has […]

HTC Say Valve Want Half-Life On The Vive

As happens with every Valve announcement, the shadow of Half-Life is never far behind. Going more specifically, Half-Life 3's shadow is never far behind. With the announcement of the Vive, the speculation of a new Half-Life title was not far behind. That prompted the BBC to talk to HTC chairwoman Cher Wang about Valve's software […]

Valve Partnering With HTC To Create VR Headset Vive – And It's Out This Year

So that Valve VR headset I was talking about earlier this week? It's been announced today as the Vive and the gaming super-power is partnering with mobile company HTC to bring it to consumers Holiday 2015. The headset was announced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress today. The device will be able to pair […]