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You Can Dress Like Katniss or Peeta… For the Proper Tribute

If you are a collector of movie memorabilia and a big fan of the Hunger Games, be prepared to practice your bidding technique (more…)If you are a collector of movie memorabilia and a big fan of the Hunger Games, be prepared to practice your bidding technique (more…)If you are a collector[...]

The Top 10 Most Searched For Movies On Google And Yahoo In 2012

The Hunger GamesThree comic book movies placed near the top, five films that are sequel-prequels - six if you count Spidey, seven if you count Hunger Games as its sequels were all but assured before it even started shooting And, indeed, some sort of follow up to every film on that list has been promised[...]

Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll Surviving In The Wild

I suspect the only use she'd have for a doll like this one is for target practice.Thanks to Hunger Games Trilogy for the find. How I feel about this particular (not yet officially released) piece of merchandise, I suppose, depends on whether I convince myself it's Katniss Everdeen made into a Barbie doll, or a[...]

Hunger Games Threequel Officially Split Into Two Movies, Casting Updates And More

Lionsgate have officially announced release dates for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Part Two They fall on  November 21st, 2014 and November 20th, 2015 With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set for November 22nd, 2013, they've essentially staked out the Thanksgiving holiday for three years in a row.It's debatable that Mockingjay needs two feature[...]

The Hunger Games Sequel To Feature Some IMAX Sequences

The next film to join the craze of IMAXing certain sequences will be The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.The large format film company have themselves announced that Francis Lawrence and team will shoot some of the movie in the large format, and the remainder will be digitally upscaled.The Dark Knight was the first film to employ[...]

Philip Seymour Hoffman Wanted For Catching Fire's Plutarch Heavensbee

While Lionsgate have yet to comment, I expect we'll be seeing more about this in the trades shortly.According to a buried mention in a Deadline article and single tweet from Variety's Jeff Sneider, Philip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, chief games maker, in the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.The character[...]

Finally Some Good News For The Hunger Games – Michael Arndt Sought For Rewrite

Lionsgate are looking to draft Michael Arndt, the writer of Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3, to rework the script for Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series.This is a very good thing Arndt is a deft writer with an outstanding grasp of structure and cinematic storytelling techniques.Heat Vision report that[...]

Gary Ross In Line For Houdini Biopic Based On America's First Superhero Book

I'll be watching closely.Interesting footnote: Francis Lawrence, the man to take over the Hunger Games series from Ross, has his own Houdini film in the works. I'm quite the fan of Harry Houdini, or at least his reputation - I never saw the man at work, and the writing I've read that was credited to[...]

So Maybe Gary Ross Is Going To Direct Another Hunger Games Movie After All

It's now a case of one word against another as Deadline say Gary Ross is still in the running to direct the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.Yesterday, one report had it that he'd pulled out.Now, Deadline are one of the "original sources" of a lot of film news on the web, and do have tried[...]

Inside The Subjective Sound Of The Hunger Games

Here's the full-length Soundworks Collection video on the sound of The Hunger Games As you'll know if you've been to see the film, the basic rule was to keep the tracks tied into Katniss Everdeen's own experience.It's a shame that they didn't go beyond the same-old ideas of "immersion" and "subjectivity" in that clip and[...]

Racist Reactions To The Hunger Games Movie

Despite very clear indicators of race in the original text of Suzanne Collins' novel - she describes skin as dark, even dark brown, and that's about as clear as she needs to be - some of the audience who rolled out to see The Hunger Games this weekend were shocked to find out that the[...]

Our Interview With Gary Ross, Director Of The Hunger Games

I'm a great admirer of Gary Ross, director of The Hunger Games, and it wasn't until he was involved with the film that I considered picking up the book It was Ross' involvement that made me wonder what there was to this thing.And, as I found out, there's actually an awful lot.So I enjoyed the[...]

The Hunger Games Is The New Sloths

[caption id="attachment_146594" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Excitable"][/caption]Kristen Bell, patron saint of Sloth fans everywhere, says of The Hunger Games: This is the piece of literature than in 100 years we'll look back on as the best thing ever written. Overstating the case somewhat But she's already told us that she's incapable of emotional moderation, before proving it with a[...]

New Hunger Games Clip Is A Scene Not From The Book

In this unexpected and intimate moment from Gary Ross' film adaptation of The Hunger Games, you'll see President Snow and his chief Gamesmaker, Seneca Crane, discussing the power of fear - and of hope Crane is the Games' Dungeon Master type, responsible for contriving the life or death situations that face the "tributes", the teenagers forced to fight for their[...]